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Michiu Kaku on telepathy

Here’s a short extract from my upcoming book “The Great Psi Shift”. It is a critical take on another futurist – Michiu Kaku – and one aspect his book “The Future of the Mind”. Actually, I like Kaku. But he has trouble thinking outside the box. So, here’s the extract.

Lazy and unimaginative

While I prefer not to make judgments about thinkers (after all, we all see the world through our own culture, experience and education) occasionally I feel compelled to highlight some of the unimaginative, sloppy or just plain lazy thinking that sometimes passes for intelligent discourse on this important subject.

Michio Kaku is a chronic offender in this area, which is rather surprising given that his entire career is devoted to imagining science-based futures. Here’s what he says about telepathy in The Future of the Mind.

True telepathy, found in science-fiction and fantasy novels, is not possible without outside assistance. As we know, the brain is electrical. In general, anytime an electron is accelerated, it gives off electromagnetic radiation. The same holds true for electrons oscillating inside the brain, which broadcasts radio waves. But these signals are too faint to be detected by others, and even if we could perceive these radio waves, it would be difficult to make sense of them. Evolution has not given us the ability to decipher this collection of random radio signals, but computers can.

The question that I want answered here is why Kaku has not bothered to do even a simple google search on the evidence for telepathy? If he had, he would know that there is – in the very least – a compelling body of evidence for its existence, stretching over a century. This is the lazy part of his work.

Part of the answer to my previous question lies in the title of Kaku’s book: The future of the mind. Note the use of the singular term of “future”, as opposed to futures. For Kaku there is only one future of the mind, and it is based on simple, linear extrapolation of current data and models of thinking.

Now let’s get on to Kaku’s lack of imagination, which is astounding. Research gleaned from parapsychology (which we examined in chapter X) strongly suggests that the extended mind operates beyond our commonly accepted models of space and time (but not necessarily quantum physics). Knowing is immediate regardless of distance, and there are EEG correlation experiments which suggest that projected thought may even travel backwards through time (which in itself does not violate relativity theory). This suggests that the mechanism is not one of the four known forces of nature (including radio waves).

As an imaginative futurist, Kaku should, at the very least, be able to question the assumptions of the current dominant paradigm and mainstream scientific worldview. He should be aware enough of the large body of research into the area, and he should be willing to consider alternatives to current conservative thinking. And his Ivy-league-educated future mind should be able to consider the possibility that the electrical aspects of neurophysiology may not comprise the totality (or basis) of consciousness. Further mind-beyond-the-skull may not operate with the assistance of radio waves. But alas, these things appear to be beyond his capacities – or his motivations.

A Great Wave Descends

I’ve been busy writing my new book The Coming Consciousness Revolution (edit: note it was previously called The Great Mind Shift). Below I’ve posted the introduction to the book (thus the title of this blog post), which covers some of the main themes, and tells you a little more about what is in the book. I’d be grateful for any feedback. Books don’t get written in an instant. They are a real work of art, and what you see below will probably change quite a lot before the book appears on the shelves. Any comments you make – positive or critical – will definitely be noted by me.

PS: If you wish to be kept up to date about research and developments regarding The Coming Consciousness Revolution (interviews, videos, the book project, important links to other works etc.) just email me at newsletter@marcustanthony.com, and I will send you updates every month or so.



The Great Mind Shift: The revolution is coming by MarcusTanthony

Review of Wayne Dyer’s “I Can See Clearly Now”



“I Can See Clearly Now” is a wonderful memoir which means a lot to me personally. It’s a little hefty at nearly 400 pages, but I read it in quick time. It’s a real page turner, and almost every page has at least one piece of great wisdom or insight.

I almost feel a little embarrassed at writing this review, as I have not read a Wayne Dyer book for well over a decade. Yet it was Wayne Dyer who first opened my eyes to a greater spiritual intention in the world when I picked up his book “You’ll See It When You Believe It” in 1992. That was at the local newsagent in a tiny town in outback Australia.

As Dyer writes, that older book was really the first volume he penned with a deep spiritual thrust. Before then he had primarily been writing popular psychology in the human potential genre. I remember the great excitement I felt all those years ago when I saw that book on the shelf; and I got exactly the same sense of excitement when I picked up “I Can See Clearly Now”. I bought it based purely on that intuition. And I am sure glad I did. Continue reading “Review of Wayne Dyer’s “I Can See Clearly Now””

Book Proposal for “The Coming Consciousness Revolution”

Regular readers of this blog might remember my project The Coming Consciousness Revolution. (Note the previous title: The Great Mind Shift). I have previously written three posts on the topic.

In this post I am making public the book proposal. A book proposal is written for book publishers, of course, but this proposal also provides a good overview of the project to date. As stated in the proposal, I intend to interview many people as part of the book project. Not all those listed in the proposal have been contacted yet. So these names might change according to who agrees to be interviewed or not.

You can read the full PDF of the proposal by clicking on the link below, or just read the excerpts I have cut and pasted on this page.

Anthony TGMS propsal small

PS: If you wish to be kept up to date about research and developments regarding The Coming Consciousness Revolution (interviews, videos, the book project, important links to other works etc.) just email me at newsletter@marcustanthony.com, and I will send you updates every month or so.



GMS cover basics


Brief Description

There is a major shift emerging in science and society which will mark a dramatic change in education, business and life itself. Just as the twentieth century was one of disconnection and alienation, the twenty-first century will increasingly be the era of connectedness.

This connectedness will not merely be technological (a trend that is now universally accepted). Another powerful connective trend which is in its infancy is the acceptance of the extended mind – consciousness that is in dynamic relationship with other people, the environment and the cosmos itself. With this dramatic shift in the understanding of mind, the human intellect will be greatly expanded by “integrated intelligence” – the successful employment of the extended mind in solving problems. The way that integrated intelligence will dramatically impact the future is the central theme of The Coming Consciousness Revolution.

This inevitable revolution in cognitive science heralds an era of almost unimaginable opportunity for those informed enough to foresee what is coming.

In The Coming Consciousness Revolution, futurist Marcus T Anthony points the reader in the direction of change, and outlines what it will mean for life, work and society in the twenty-first century.


Not just a book…

The Coming Consciousness Revolution is more than merely a book. It is a multi-tiered project which incorporates the following elements:

  • Workshops and public talks. The Coming Consciousness Revolution project is taking these ideas and the practical tools to organisations and public groups around the world. Steaphen Pirie (author and change agent) will work with Marcus T Anthony on the Asian leg of the tour, which begins April 2014 in China. (e.g. see Marcus T Anthony’s 2012 TEDx talk in Hong Kong).
  • The Coming Consciousness Revolution app. This app will assist people in developing their integrated intelligence by allowing them to simply and easily input intuitive prompts, and then providing feedback about how effective their intuitive decision making is. The app is being developed with the help of Alick Lau, PhD, Director of Mind and Matter Ltd.
  • Radio, TV and social media interviews. I consider myself to be a confident and engaging speaker, and will be making full use of multi-media to promote the project.
  • Google hangouts and social media promotions.


Overview of the Project

What will happen once the extended mind becomes widely accepted in mainstream science and society?

There is a tendency for discussions about the extended mind, ESP, clairvoyance and so on to become strongly polarised into proponents versus skeptics. While part of The Coming Consciousness Revolution will highlight the key debates, I take the view that such arguments rarely alter the worldview of the debaters, and much energy can be wasted rehashing the same issues over and over again.

The position I take in The Coming Consciousness Revolution is that the evidence from parapsychology and other fields of enquiry is now strong, and that it will only get stronger in the coming years. The data is now compelling enough to begin to ask what this shift means for all of us.


The domains

The Coming Consciousness Revolution explores developments and opportunities in many different fields and disciplines – referred to as domains. These domains include biology, physics, consciousness studies/neuroscience, computing, social media, education and learning, the arts (creativity), health and healing, business, and spirituality.

Each domain is given a chapter in Part 3 of the book, and each chapter will include the following:

  • an overview of some of the most important current ideas and/or scientific developments in that domain;
  • informed predictions about where that domain will most likely develop in the coming decades as the great mind shift takes more definite form;
  • suggested opportunities for learning, business and personal growth in that domain;
  • a list of recommended reading for those wishing to explore that domain in more detail;
  • a interview at the end of the chapter with a leading thinker/practitioner within that domain.


The Book’s Purpose

The purpose of The Coming Consciousness Revolution is to create an effective bible for progressive thinkers and thought leaders who wish to be at the leading edge of the great mind shift. The book is designed to excite the thinking of the reader and open his/her mind to the wide array of possibilities and opportunities that the great mind shift will create. The cross-disciplinary nature of the book will allow the reader to glean insights from a wide array of fields of knowledge – something that is increasingly important in the modern age.

The book is particularly aimed at people who would like to seize opportunities in any of the domains covered. The Coming Consciousness Revolution is presented as a stimulus to encourage those with imagination and foresight to explore practical opportunities in business, career or life orientation in related areas.



Prediction is notoriously difficult for futurists. In my own futures work and academic writing I have tended to avoid prediction, instead focusing upon identifying critical insights into human development.  In The Great Mind Shift I break my own general rule.

Predictions can be classified into two forms. The first and least risky are based on trends – readily observable changes that are already occurring. For example, predicting that the internet will become far more pervasive in our lives, and that human intelligence will be enhanced by it is clearly very likely. Futurists – and many laymen – can often see obvious trends even as they are developing.

However a second class of prediction relates to what futurists call “wildcards” – developments which arrive in a hurry and often take everyone by surprise. The 911 event in New York was such an event, and it changed the world dramatically. Another example from global politics and economics – where timeframes can be longer – the “sudden” rise of China over a period of only two or three decades was completely unexpected by many.

These kinds of unforeseen changes can be the most destabilising for business, society and life in general. They often involve a paradigm shift, a new way of relating to the world and knowledge itself. Wildcards can be disastrous for organisations that are not prepared for them. Few foresaw the dotcom bubble bursting just before the turn of the century, but many companies failed completely as a result.

Nonetheless, for every wildcard event there are signs which people fail to acknowledge. There are often trends and data which are ignored by almost everyone. Yet that information is often freely accessible. The reason why so many people and organisations ignore the data is because the information lies beyond the dominant paradigm and suggests a shift that is too far “outside the box” for most laymen and experts to consider feasible.

The main argument of The Comng Consciousness Revolution is that the coming change in the way we see, access and employ consciousness is one such wildcard. The book will make clear that the data and historical evidence are already here, but mainstream thinking in science, education and business is too tunnel-visioned to acknowledge it – yet. Of particular importance is what Dean Radin calls “the psi taboo”, which effectively forbids open discussion of related subject matters.

When the great mind shift arrives the implications will be as far-reaching as is possible to imagine, possibly matching the seismic shifts of the Copernican revolution, Darwin’s natural selection and the scientific enlightenment.

The Coming Consciousness Revolution is not merely about data. It deliberately pushes the boundaries of the conventional. It therefore moves beyond the known to suggest possible and probable futures in each of the domains. This includes developing likely scenarios and visions which the reader can explore as possible opportunities.


The style

The Coming Consciousness Revolution is written in reader-friendly language and in a style which will allow laymen to grasp the content and enjoy the possibilities put forward. Some of the chapters on subjects like physics and biology will contain references to recent and complex debates, but they will be reduced to their most essential nature, with references provided for those wishing to explore them in more detail.

This book is written in a different style from my recent book Discover Your Soul Template. The market here is a more “serious” one, and so the style is less flippant and the language less colloquial. Nonetheless, the writer’s voice remains friendly and relaxed. The tone is not quite as formal as my first book Integrated Intelligence (Sense Publishers, 2008). That book, which covered similar ground to The Coming Consciousness Revolution was primarily for the academic market.

One of the great challenges in writing this book will be the introduction of my personal experience with Integrated Intelligence. My intention is not to feign pretense of impartiality in the subject matter, but to be quite open with my own wide experience in living with and teaching this innate human capacity. However the book is not about me (Marcus T Anthony), but about the great mind shift itself; so personal anecdote will be minimised. Insights taken from my life, my personal meditative and contemplative practice will form part of the text, but will not dominate it.

In short, The Coming Consciousness Revolution is written for the popular market of intelligent laymen. It targets those who wish to gain a deeper understanding of frontier areas in science and philosophy, how these will affect their lives within the next few decades, and the opportunities which can be taken advantage of.

PS: If you wish to be kept up to date about research and developments regarding The Coming Consciousness Revolution (interviews, videos, the book project, important links to other works etc.) just email me at newsletter@marcustanthony.com, and I will send you updates every month or so.


When life pushes your buttons






As I mention in more detail in Discover Your Soul Template, as you step forward into unknown territory, life will tend to push your buttons. Your energy will react with some people, and personal dramas will ensue. Self-doubt, fear, anger and blame will surface from time to time.

What a great opportunity to deepen your relationship with your mind!

All that is happening here is that your personal pain and the stories that lie behind it are surfacing from within your psyche. In the instance of my failing to secure a university post, what lay behind it was the experience of rejection and neglect as a child – and in past lives. The story was


“Life is so hard! Everything is so unfair. What about me!? Nobody cares if I live or die! Fuck you, fuck this world!”


It’s an amusing little story, isn’t it? You could write a Hollywood script based on those themes. But it wouldn’t be terribly original, as this same story has been told a million times before. That’s why mystic Leonard Jacobson tells people to shut up (more or less) when they start on with the tale of Poor Little Me. It’s been done to death.

It’s just another game you play to deny yourself divine love.

Whatever the specifics of your story, it is easy enough to identify. When the shit is hitting the fan and you feel like taking a semi-automatic into McDonald’s and setting things right once and for all, just make time in a private place to get in touch with your inner terrorist. You might like to try Deepening Tools 7 and 9, in Appendix 2. Let the ego and the wounded child speak. And as you wail and scream and blame and hate everyone and God itself, you might even find the voices of lives past begin to rise from within. If so, just let them have their way. Then, when they have done doing the victim thing, gently but firmly tell them that what they are “seeing” is not real. It’s just that old story playing over again.

Finally, in the quiet of that private place, bring your attention back to your body, your breath, and to the eternal present, where you can be still. This is where you surrender to God, or Spirit the Universe or whatever you want to call it.


The power of prayer

I personally find prayer to be of the utmost importance as part of the surrender process. Many people use prayer to ask for what they want. While this is not intrinsically wrong, it is not the most powerful form of prayer. In fact prayer can be an act of surrender to a power and Grace that is beyond you and your conscious ability to fully comprehend. Indeed, there are three times that surrendering via prayer is most appropriate.


1)             When you realise that you are powerless. Sometimes there is nothing you can consciously or deliberately do to change the situation. This may include personal behaviours, habits and beliefs. For example, after I have done a personal session to connect with my wounded or karmic child, I then surrender to God. I know I have done everything in my conscious power to see the issue and feel what is within me. The rest is out of my control.

2)             When you do not know whether you have any power or not. Such a situation tends to create confusion, and confusion is not an ideal state to access your intuition or take action. If you are genuinely confused, it is better just to give it over to God. And wait.

3)             When you do not know whether you should attempt to take action to change the situation or not. This may be related to the second point, or it may simply be that you don’t have a clear sense of what to do.


No doubt you are probably thinking that all this is very different from what you will find in many naive Law of Attraction teachings, such as The Secret. In those teachings you often get told that you are the God of your own universe, that you can have it all.

I am telling you that there are many occasions in life that you will not get what you want. I am telling you that there are times when you will try and fail. And there are times when your ego will react with fear and anger – the times when your soul issues and soul pain get triggered.

And there are times when you just don’t know what the hell is going on.

These are the times when surrender and prayer are so very powerful. In the process of complete surrender you release all control of the outcome, including all attempts to control your psyche; and you release all judgment of yourself, the world and others. This is the state in which true love and forgiveness arise spontaneously, like a flower emerging from the earth after the spring rains. Often it is a moment of awe and wonder, as the simple act of surrender may dramatically shift your energy from struggle to relaxed presence.

Paradoxically, this state of powerlessness is where your true power rests. For surrender washes away the last resistance of ego. And you are free; free in the silence of the moment, resting within the nothingness that is everything.

That moment is the base from which you can, when ready, begin to move back out into the world and create preferred futures with your focused intention. And in true alignment with Spirit.

Just remember to take your wounded and karmic children with you, as they tend to play up if they are not given the love and attention they need.


Action and imagination

Regardless of what has occurred in the immediate past – whether you are just emerging from an ego fall, a genuine spiritual test, or a more gentle time of relaxed joyfulness – you can use Creative Imagination to visualise your desired future, and to attract that which you desire.

You will note that there is an essential difference between using visualisation before Gentle Aligned Action and the way many Law of Attraction books and videos recommend mental imagery be used. In many of the latter teachings, you visualise yourself in a specific future regardless of the energy that future contains. I am suggesting that before you go about doing any creative visualisation for specific goals that you should first check to see if that future is aligned with your highest good, and the highest good of the cosmos.

Remember, just because you would like to see yourself placed strategically before the heaving bosom of that aforementioned porn star does not make it an appropriate destiny. That poor lass probably has other plans, anyway.


This is an extract taken from the book A More Attractive Law of Attraction, (http://ow.ly/lwKC9)

by Marcus T Anthony

 LOA cover 2

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What would you do if all your data became accessible to everyone?

What if everything you had ever written or entered on the internet became instantly accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime? Even that which you had thought you had entered anonymously, such as on public chat sites using a pseudonym? I have often wondered what would happen if people actually had to be accountable for half the stuff they rant about online, especially the anonymous stuff. That’s how I came up with the idea for the short story “The God Moment.” It’s one of quirky little tales in my sci fi short story anthology Insufficient Data. The volume is available as an ebook on Amazon. The story is the year 2047 in Shanghai, where radical libertarian group FreeThink has seized control of the internet using technology never seen before. Everything is about to be revealed. And Hugh Anderson has secrets he would prefer that nobody knows!

“The God Moment”, by the way, is a phrase I came up with, because as soon as all information is freely accessible, we would effectively be omniscient – well, at least as far as encoded information goes.

There is also another motivation behind this story. Over the years as I have explored non-ordinary states of consciousness, it has become absolutely clear to me that everything about us is transparent to higher spiritual perception – to “God”” if you like. There is absolutely nothing you can do to hide anything from the greater intelligence of the universe. It is only we humans who hide – mostly from ourselves.

As with any of my books which I write about here, if you would like a free review copy, just email me mindfutures@icloud.com, and I’ll send you the PDF.



The God Moment

In the year 2047 computing technology permits instant access to almost unfeasible amounts of information. Each human being, and each location, is encoded with a Net ID. All people are assigned a Net ID number at birth. This incorporates a database of all internet information about that person – everything they have ever written on the net, and everything written about them. Individuals can choose which information to make publically accessible, and this right is enshrined in law. However the system is about to go haywire.


Hugh Anderson opened his eyes. His large home office came slowly into soft focus. This was his space, his little world where he both lived and worked in bustling Shanghai. Alone.

“Lah, Net system activate, please.”

There was a slight whirring, as the lights flickered on, and the wall opposite his bed came to life. Lah 9000, his home computer system, was awake too.

“Lah, WhoYa email, thanks.”

Being a little old fashioned, Anderson had stuck to WhoYa through thick and thin over the years, even after it had changed its name from Yahoo, and even despite the burgeoning of other email services.

Hugh Anderson was a little blurry eyed that morning, on account of his having consumed half a bottle of cheap 7-11 wine the evening before. He did not even bother to read the email headings on the screen. In fact the first thing he noticed was the time: 10.23.

“Shit!” He realised he’d been sleeping for over seven hours. As the director of ForeSight Multi-Media, he subsisted on an average of four hours a night for over a decade. Now he was running late. Very late.

“Lah, Email one.”

Immediately a tall, dark, balding man appeared at the end of his bed, shimmering ethereally. The huge figure leaned closer. Anderson had only a vague recognition of the man, whose face contorted as he screamed in a heavy Middle Eastern accent.

“Fuck you Anderson! You’re going down for this. I promise you that!” The man bent down and picked up a baseball bat, raised it over his head and screamed a deafening war cry.

“Lah, deactivate 3D Mail!” The man’s image disappeared.

Anderson pulled his pudgy little body out of the bed, his heart racing. What the hell was that all about? Who was that? Then it came to him. Fahim Achmud, Saudi Arabia, about ten years ago. Achmud had more hair then (who didn’t?), but it was him for sure. They’d done a deal with mobile app software. But he hadn’t seen the guy since. What was he so pissed about?

Anderson forced himself to breathe deeply. This was not the beginning to his day that he needed. After a moment he sat at his desk, and relaxed a little.

“Lah, email two.”

He looked up at the big screen. It was from Kurt Chang his old boss from Xavier Connections. He’d worked there for three whole years back in the late 30s, a company record. Chang didn’t even bother to show his face. The words were written in bold red on a black background.


good to finally know the truth Hugh, you asshole. hope you got a good lawyer, or ten. you might like to get your butt cheeks sown closed before you go away. i hear they like white guys on the inside, especially little fat ones


For a moment Anderson could not breathe, and his shoulder blades stiffened. A thousand paranoid thoughts ran through his mind. The Narwaz deal? The Riyadh fiasco? Gigi, his first wife? No. They couldn’t know. Surely.

Anderson stood up and walked over to the screen. There were two hundred and forty-seven new emails. That was more than twice the usual number. He scanned the email titles, barely believing what he was reading. There were six death threats on the first page alone. His eyes fell on one name, his longtime colleague Joe Lona. There was no email title.

“Lah email twenty six.” The screen flickered and five words in huge black capitals filled the entire wall.




“What the…?” Anderson paced for a moment. “Lah, 3D email to Joe Lona.” He turned to face the camera at the top of the screen.

“Joe, what the hell is going on? Are you OK? Call me now!”

Anderson walked over to the window and looked out over the bleak suburban Shanghai landscape; squalid, grey low rises were barely visible in the foreground against the dreary skyline. Just for a moment, in the dimness caused by the haze, he caught sight of his half-naked, unkempt reflection. He shuddered.

A soft ‘bing’ alerted him to an incoming call.

“Lah, who is it?”

“Joe Lona, Hondex Mob…”

“Shut up Lah! Receive call!”

The face of a man in late middle age, with unnaturally dark hair appeared on the screen. He looked scared.

“Joe! Tell me what’s going on for Christ’s sake!”

“You don’t know? What have you been doing for the last eight hours? Screwing around on BlueToob? Jesus, I hope not, for your sake.”

“I’ve been sleeping. I had a late night.”

“Sleeping in on Judgment Day. That’s rich.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Look, we can’t talk here. They can see everything we do online. Everything.”


“Read the paper, for God’s sake. Then meet me at the park at one sharp. We can talk there. Don’t tell this to anyone.”


“And cover your face.”

The line went dead, Joe Lona vanished. Anderson stood there staring at the smiling red dragon of the China Connect logo.

“Fuck the Chinese!”

Anderson sat at his desk, and popped out his keyboard. “Lah, open New York Times.”

In less than a second the newspaper’s front page was splashed across his wall.



Information terror as Net IDs go public!


Global information systems are in chaos today, in the wake of the world’s first case of information terror. Radical libertarian group FreeThink has claimed responsibility for the hacking of the global internet system.


Currently all web sites and personal internet accounts in all countries are freely accessible to everyone by entering a simple universal code. For legal reasons the New York Times cannot disclose the code, but it is now circulating widely on the net. In related breaking developments, rumors are circulating that World President Li Zhongri has gone into hiding.


More details as they emerge.




A squat-looking man in a Batman suit passed through the gates of Quyang Park, not far from downtown Shanghai. If this had been any normal day, he would have attracted stares. But January 21st 2047 was no ordinary day, and people had other things on their minds. The man passed several other individuals, all wearing surgical masks and large hats of various kinds.

The caped figure walked up to the large fishpond in the centre of the park, spotted what looked to be an unusually tall Muslim woman with her hijab pulled tightly over her face, and went straight to her. The veiled figure spoke first.

“Hugh, is that you?”

“Yes, who else could it possibly be?”

“Good God, man! Why didn’t you just wear a gimp suit? It would probably attract less attention.”

“I don’t do kinky.”

“No, you merely love ‘busty Asian schoolgirls’, according to your search history on BlueToob. I checked you out. The Chinese will love knowing that.”

“What? How could you…?!” Anderson’s face was sweating profusely under the black mask. A sudden sense of despair overcame him. “My God, I’m fucked.” He put his head in his hands and began to sob. “Forty years of work! All for nothing. All gone!” He stood there, a disheveled, forlorn Caped Crusader. He began to pull at his mask.

“No! Keep it on, Hugh. This is China. There are cameras everywhere. The second your whereabouts is known they will come for you. They know about the Riyadh deal.”

“Riyadh! I knew it as soon as Achmud emailed me. They’ll know that the bid from Hicorp was faked by us. We shortchanged the Chinese fifteen billion at least on that one. We’ll never get out of the country alive!”

Joe Lona’s eyes shifted uneasily under his hijab. “It gets worse. Everything you have ever done on the net is now traceable by anyone. Even the stuff you wrote anonymously on chat forums and kinky adult web sites. Everything.”

“What! How is that even possible?”

“Every computer you have ever bought is linked to your Net ID. Every time you have ever used your credit card online, done online banking, or registered for some community or chat site, that information has been indirectly stored on servers. FreeThink have been able to access all that data, and link it back to your Net ID and make it accessible via web searches. Now all anyone has to do is type in ‘Hugh Anderson’, and say ‘China’, and every foul mouthed anonymous tirade you ever made about the revolting table manners of the Chinese on the WhoYa comments boards shows up.”

“You know about those too?”

“No, I was just saying that hypothetically.”

“But I didn’t even mean half that stuff. I was just ranting.”

“Of course, but you think the Chinese will believe that? After Riyadh?”

Anderson paced backwards and forwards for half a minute or so, his Batman cape flapping annoyingly in the hot Shanghai breeze. Suddenly he turned, whipped out his phone and began tapping madly at the keyboard.

“What about you, Joe!” He began to laugh hysterically. “You are no saint. What can we dig up on you? You were in on the Riyadh deal too.” His frenzied fingers worked the keyboard. “Joe Lona. BlueToob. Chinese.” All he got was a message asking him to search again. Anderson stood there blinking disbelievingly at his device.

“That’s right, Hugh. I’m dirt free. I got a professional to wipe me clean from the web a few years back. Some of us saw this coming long ago. ”

“Yes, but I know about Riyadh. There are others that know about it too.”

“Yes, that’s why I made arrangements.”

“Arrangements? What kind of arrangements?”

“I’d estimate you’ve got four days, Hugh. The first forty-eight hours the Chinese will be busy covering their asses. The third day they will go after the Chinese big boys, the ones with trillions. By day four I reckon they will be onto the foreigners, and that means you.” Joe smiled calmly. “That gives you a bit of time at least.”

“But what can I do? I can’t leave the country. I’ll never get out of the airport.”

“It’s a good question, Joe. Try being invisible for a while.”

“Invisible? This is 2047! There is no invisible! And as of today, everybody officially knows everything.”

“Like God.”

Joe looked at his watch, and began to move away.

“Sorry, gotta go to the mosque for prayers. Good luck Hugh.”

“You can’t just leave me here, in the shit.”

“I think you are forgetting something, Hugh. As of today, you are officially God. A God amidst Gods. You are on an equal playing field.” He kept walking away, then turned at the last moment. “But just remember to keep all your phones and computers off, or you’re a goner.”

He chuckled and walked away, leaving Hugh Anderson standing in his Batman suit in the middle of Quyang Park.

Hugh Anderson had four days to find redemption.  He had to remind himself that he was God. Or a deity damned.


Anderson knew something was wrong as soon as he saw that his front door was slightly ajar. He instinctively stood back against the side wall of the corridor, listening. Someone was either in his house, or had been there. Who could it be? Images of a dozen old enemies passed through his mind, quickly followed by images of a whole list of new enemies he knew he would have since the coming of the God Moment.

Two minutes passed. Not a single sound or vibration had come from the room. Anderson looked cautiously through the gap in the doorway, then dashed through, ran straight to the kitchen, jerked open the second top drawer and pulled out the electric carving knife. Flicking it on with a whir, he surveyed the room. It was a mess. His desk draws were scattered on the floor. The sofa cushions had been flung aside. Cupboard doors were open, and broken plates and pans were scattered everywhere. The bookcase was on the floor, along with all his books and magazines.

“I got a knife. Come and get me asshole!”

Nobody came. After checking out the bathroom and closet he came to the conclusion that nobody was there. He quickly closed the door, and set the safety lock.

Anderson let out a huge sigh. The next thing he noticed was that his computer was gone from the desk.

“Shit, shit, SHIT!”

He paced the room, dodging stuff as he went. Thoughts of total societal exposure filled his mind. Then it dawned on him. He was already screwed. There was nothing on the computer that could possibly incriminate a man whose every e-word and e-deed was now public knowledge. He laughed so hard he sneezed.

The biggest problem would be if whoever had done this came back. But why would they? If they wanted to kill him, someone would have hidden in the house and put a bullet in his brain when he walked in. No. They were after something else.


He called for his home computer. “Lah? Are you there Lah?” There was silence. Anderson stood in the middle of the room for a moment thinking. Should he go online?

“Fuck it.”

After quickly putting his desk and chair back in order, he sat down. He pulled out his mobile, and accessed his home network. Within two minutes Lah was rebooted, and his wall monitor came to life. He sighed with relief. At least now he could find out what he needed to know.

With every web site and just about every bit of data ever put up on the internet now readily accessible, it did not take long to get the necessary details. The God Code, as it was now called, worked by crunching data from multiple sources, utilizing multiple factors. One key component was configuring a unique linguistic ‘footprint’ for every net user on the planet. This was constructed from the very unique way a person hung words together, their typical typos, grammar errors, word choices and so on. These were then used as probability indicators to determine which batches of text on the web were written by the given individual. Location was the prime variable. Each information event entered on the net was chronologically configured with each individual’s credit card transactions, mobile phone usage and CCTV appearances in public places (as identified by face recognition technology). After all variables were ‘considered’ using the God Code, each information event was then given a probability index for a specific person. If someone had delivered a rant on the comment section under a NewsFix story about a specific football player, for example, chances are it would now appear under that person’s Net ID, with it’s probability of being correct being given in percentage terms. In turn, the NetID of everyone was now freely available via multiple domains at FreeThought@Freethink.

It was clear to Anderson that FreeThink had hijacked every bit of information ever recorded on the net in its seventy year history, and matched each data entry with a specific individual, along with a probability index. Further, all internet accounts, including social networks, were accessible to everyone via the universal password: “The God Moment.”

All was known. And the world was crumbling. The stock market was in meltdown. Governments were collapsing. Bankers were jumping off tall buildings. Priests were running for the hills, and many had not even bothered to put their clothes back on.

Having ascertained this basic information, Anderson did what everyone else on the planet had done first. He checked his Net ID on FreeThought.

It was even worse than he had expected. There it was. All of it. All his recent emails and information activity, beginning with his attempt to search for Joe Lona’s BlueTube activity in the park two hours ago.

He scanned further, back through pages and pages of data. Some he could not recognize as his own. There were text entries from WhoYa comments.


(June 10, 2044) Teen sensation Cindy Charity turns 18 with #1 hit

Whoa! What a rack! Gimme some butter milk, baby! Pity she can’t sing for s&#t! Posted by “Yazza”, Hugh John Anderson Net ID: Y2939475SH. 99% probability.


(February 22, 2032) Barack Obama appointed to leading environmental group

Obama is a racist piece of s%*&t! Who let this geriatric nygga ex=prez head the Green Commission? Loonie Kommies have f*&^%*d America! Power back to whytes! Posted by “WhytepowerNow”, Hugh John Anderson, Net ID: Y2939475SH. 100% probability.


Tears came to Anderson’s eyes, but within a minute they had evaporated into the dry, air conditioned ether. He felt himself, rather weirdly, floating somewhere up above his own body. His face had gone cold and pale.

No, these were not his words. These were the words of a bad, bad man; an evil, cold, judgmental lunatic who had hijacked his Net ID to bring down the good man Hugh Anderson.


It got worse.


(January 2nd 2046) China’s Li Zhongri voted first World President

This is good news. Chynks do great laundry. Send Li Yellowboy around to do my dirty underwear and smelly socks. $4.99 an hour is my highest offer. Posted by “Yazza”, Hugh John Anderson, Net ID: Y2939475TH. 100% probability.


Hugh Anderson’s consciousness, now hovering at the approximate level of the ceiling fan, instructed the little, pudgy white man to get up. He wandered over to the window, and looked out over the bleakness of the Shanghai late afternoon suburban skyline. The sun was sitting low on the horizon, spreading an unworldly pink glow across the evening. The crimson sun complemented the grey air perfectly.

“Lah, open window. All the way.”

The window slid upwards, and Anderson climbed out onto the ledge. He stared at the setting sun, and it occurred to him that this was the perfect symbol for the end of his petty little, pathetic, white life. With that thought he laughed. And that is what saved him.

He would not jump.

Anderson sat on his windowsill gazing out over the mid-twenty-first century Shanghai landscape, and something within his mind shifted. Perhaps it was the slightly delicious sense of danger at balancing precariously seven floors above the sidewalk. He stared out into the evening, and there was nothing before him but emptiness. It came upon him softly, not unlike the gentle brilliance of Venus, which at that moment hung silently upon the horizon. 

In that moment of nothingness, one thing was certain. Hugh Anderson was finished. In fact, he was more than merely finished. He was dead. He knew that even as he dangled his fat little legs out into the cool air, his enemies – and there were many he could name – were squealing with delight as they perused all his search queries on BlueTube and AsianHos. They were guffawing with merriment at his hate-filled invectives directed at the Chinese on internet comments pages too numerous to recall. No doubt a Chinese vigilante mob was gathering at that very moment, seeking revenge for his derisive comments about Chinese men’s genitalia and their lack of sexual prowess. Right across the globe, gleeful adversaries would be siphoning through his email, thanks to FreeThink and the God Code. They would be dissecting his personal correspondence to various mistresses, Thai bar girls and third world gangster figures. There would be much rejoicing upon the opening of his petty hate mail, fired off in moments of pure rage to backstabbing partners and competitors. What pure joy they would experience when reading of Anderson’s attempts to bring down the innocent but naïve men and women who had stood as his competitors in the IT marketplace. 

Yes, it was judgment day, the God Moment. Only it wasn’t God who was to pass judgment upon him, but humanity. All was revealed, and what it presented to the world was a dirty, smutty, shitty and just plain mean Hugh Anderson. He sighed.

“C’est la vie.” 

The Shanghai summer evening was cool, and the pudgy little man peeled off his shirt, and with a not-quite-graceful flourish threw it out into space. He watched it for a moment billowing out, then disappearing beneath him. Next, off came his shoes and socks. Anderson’s shiny size six Doc Martins landed with a thud on the pavement below him. What reckless fun! His rounded Buddha-like stomach bulged out before him, and he drummed a few beats with his bare hands upon his newly found percussion instrument. The grey Shanghai air and dark crimson sunset inspired him to sing.

“Smoke on the water, the fire in the sky…”

It sounded terrible, and he knew it, but he didn’t care. He had nothing now. Was nothing. What was there left to lose? 

Balancing not quite carefully on one buttock at a time, he removed his trousers, and tossed them away. That was much cooler.

It was a few moments later that he heard a voice calling from the street below, in Chinese. The words made no sense to him. In his twelve years in China he had never bothered to learn a single word of the language. Such was his contempt for “the yellowboys”. What did register in his mind was the crowd gathering below him and the presence of police. There was only one question.

Were they there to save him. Or destroy him?

Anderson laughed with delight at the paradox. Here he was, undoubtedly a wanted criminal by this point, teetering precariously high above the mob he so despised and hated. He ripped off his underwear, kissed them, and threw them earthward, chuckling hysterically. 

“No need to wash them this time!” he bellowed.

He was somewhat shocked when the large airbag arrived. He was indeed being rescued! Rescued by the backstabbing, treacherous Chinese! This was a difficult concept to grasp, and at that moment something flipped in his mind. He realised that everything he knew was a lie.

He let go. 

For a few seconds the crowd stood, eyes fixed on the sight of a short, fat foreigner free falling through the Shanghai night.  The next day’s newspapers would show photo and video close-ups of the face of a madman, inexplicably smiling as he plummeted towards his expected death. 

Inside the mind of the falling man, entire modules of cognition were obliterated. Doctors would later call it a stroke. To Anderson it was Heaven, as his superior parietal gyrus, located not far from his left ear, exploded from a sudden infusion of unrestrained blood. The damage to his temporal lobe was instant, and with it his entire life to that point in time vanished, including all memories of past deeds and misdeeds, past friends and best of all, past enemies. And it was ecstasy.

Anderson saw the faces in the crowd rise before him, their eyes wide with wonder and fear; and in that moment he knew the Chinese for the first time. He was the Chinese. He was one with them, with everybody and everything.

Thud! Hugh Anderson touched down, bounced a meter or so off the airbag, sprung upright and landed on his feet. 

“Thash was fun!” he said, his words slurring as the blood began to saturate the left side of his brain. He bounded down to the pavement, movement jerky, barely able to balance. A policeman threw a blanket round him, and immediately he threw it off.

“I wome be needing thish, fanks you.” 

The policeman stood there, a look of confusion on his face, as Anderson danced naked, round the mat, his damaged brain causing him to move about like an out of control robot. Men, women and schoolgirls giggled, covering their mouths as if that somehow gave them permission to keep staring at the naked foreigner before them.

Two policemen soon dragged him down.

“Sorry,” one said in English as he wrapped Anderson in the blanket. The other policeman pulled a mobile device out of his pocket and pointed it at Anderson’s face. 

“Hugh John Anderson, ID: Y2939475TH.” the device said flatly.

“Your Unglish is goo!” Anderson tried to compliment the machine. Then he lost consciousness.


Insufficient data cover

“You have had a stroke, Mr Anderson,” The pretty but rather stiff looking Chinese nurse said in English when he awoke.

“Who is Mr Anderson?”

“You are. You had an accident. You will live, but you are going to need time to recover before you go to trial.”

“Trial? Where am I?”

“You are in a government hospital.”

Anderson stared at her. His head ached so bad he had to close his eyes.

He slept.


Jay Stiller had big, shiny, white teeth  – the one part of his face that he allowed the viewing public to see while he was hosting The Show Today. The rest of his face was covered in a prosthetic mask, just slightly more handsome than his own over-plasticized face. He sat, straight-backed in his big, comfortable chair and looked out at the two hundred people in the TV audience. Now, ten years after the God Moment, he was almost used to seeing the stiffness on the ‘faces’ of the people who rolled in to watch the show. As had been the fashion for a decade, everyone wore a prosthesis over their real face, or a surgical mask, hijab or some other item to conceal their identity. It was the year 2057, after all, Stiller reminded himself. Even though the World Government had managed to regain control of information systems within a week of the God Moment, there had been several other scares in the months and years that followed. People had lost confidence in the government’s ability to maintain control of the internet, and the days of allowing yourself to be freely seen in public were long gone. Any mobile device or CCTV camera could pick you up, and then…

Stiller saw the red light and leaned towards camera one, his teeth glistening like the white keys on a piano keyboard.

“Today’s guest needs no introduction. World magazine recently called him the most dangerous man alive. Others have merely called him misunderstood. Here he is, the founder of FreedomFace dot com, Hugh Anderson!”

Anderson strolled forward into the lights and gentle applause.

The crowd gasped, for the guest wore no mask. In that moment the brightness and he became one, and Anderson had to consciously release the bliss that filled his spirit. He knew from his experience after the stroke that too much lightness of spirit rendered him literally incapable of speech. 

He sat down and grinned broadly, deep wrinkles furrowing his brow and crinkling the corners of his eyes. Now past sixty years of age, he had lost weight. With the exception of his brazen facial nakedness, he appeared much like any other man entering the later years of his life. He looked out over the audience. Their fear was palpable, and he knew what it was they were afraid of. 


Stiller turned to his guest.

“Hugh Anderson, you have been out of prison for two years now. You have since founded FreedomFace, which advocates people exposing their faces in public. But your organisation is considered a cult by some. You also claim that you are a changed man since your time in jail. Many think you are a devious liar. What do you say about all this?”

“Well, I’m not the one wearing the mask, Jay.”

There was laughter, followed by a chorus of boos. 

“Some might ask you whether you have any self-respect, getting around… um, exposed, as it were.”

Anderson smiled. Although he had regained most of his memory since the stroke, he had little sense of identification to his life before it.

“To me, this moment is who I am. I have no fear of that. I have no fear of your judgment. I am free.”

The calls came from the audience.


“Who isn’t?” Anderson returned, to silence.

“Sexist pervert!” a plump middle aged woman cried.

Anderson merely nodded. “Yes, that would be correct.”

A young Asian man stood up clenching a fist. “You are an anti-Chinese racist! Apologize to my people!”

“I understand why you are angry,” Anderson said calmly. “I have apologized many times before. Yet people still expect apologies every time I make a public appearance. This is just a game, and I don’t play games anymore. Tomorrow there will be another enemy you want to blame, no?”

Jay Stiller, smile still perfectly intact, leaned towards his guest. Anderson could see Stiller’s artificially blue eyes from behind his facial prosthesis. He saw the contact lenses Stiller wore to fool the scanners that were so widely available right across the world. But it was not Stiller’s face that the camera had zoomed in on, but Anderson’s.

“What do you say to these people, Hugh?” Stiller waved a hand at the audience. 

“I say that there is nothing to be afraid of. I am simply here being me. I am not selling anything. I’m not denying anything. Everything about me is still out there on the internet. I fired my lawyer ten years ago. My only service to the world is to be true, to be this man. I feel only love for people now. I am free.”

“What about the Thai bar girls, Hugh? Do you still love them?”

A roar of laughter rose from the audience.

“Perhaps,” said Anderson.

“You see, Hugh, what bothers me – and I think I can speak for many here – is that you feel no guilt or shame for what you have done, for who you are.”

An angry voice came from the audience. “Christ loves you, Hugh Anderson! Pay for your sins!”

“In this moment there is no sin.” Anderson looked directly at the old woman.

“That’s all very nice for you, Hugh Anderson. But what about the people you stole from, the ordinary, innocent, hardworking people of this world. Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself?”

“Besides placating others, what function does shame serve? The past is gone. It is no longer real.”

“Okay,” said Stiller. “Let’s talk about the past, Hugh Anderson. Talk me back through that night of January twenty-first 2047, when you tried to kill yourself, jumping naked from your apartment building in Shanghai.”

“Check it out on the net. It’s all there.”

“We want to hear your side of the story, Hugh. You say you had a stroke. Many people think that is just a cover up for your own descent into insanity after the full extent of your shameful life was made public during the God Moment. Tell us the truth, Mr. Anderson.”

“Sure. The truth is I was mad well before the God Moment. It’s the God Moment that I have to thank for making me sane.”

The jeers became louder, and suddenly a brown object was flung at Anderson, just missing him and landing with a splat on the studio floor. The pungent smell of human feces reached Anderson’s nose. There followed two shoes and a suitably decayed orange. All missed their target.

“They hate you, Hugh.” Stiller could not quite keep the smile from his face. He was leaning ever closer, staring at Anderson’s brown eyes, waiting for signs that he would break.

He didn’t.


A small, thin old man walked through the gates of Central Park wearing nothing upon his face but serenity. As he strolled along, people stared, wide eyed. Children pointed fingers. 

There was a tall man standing near the big pond. Somehow the whole package simply did not fit together. Perhaps it was his Sikh turban juxtaposed with the dark sunglasses. Or was it simply that his facial prosthetic was far too young-looking to go with the stooped body?

“Is that you, Hugh?” 

“Of course, Joe. Have I aged that much?”

“Just checking, you can never be too careful these days. Why did you call me here?”

“I have something to tell you.”

Joe Lona’s mouth twitched. “Have you forgotten, Hugh? I’ve still got your computer. Let’s call it insurance. You can’t threaten me.”

“I’m not here to threaten.”

“You want money? Forget it. You have already spent eight years behind bars because of the information I gave them about you. There’s plenty more dirty laundry where that came from.”

Hugh shook his head, staring at a double reflection of himself in Joe’s sunglasses. He knew that Joe wasn’t looking at him. Couldn’t look at him.

“I’m just here to say I forgive you, Joe. That’s all.”

“Bullshit! What do you want from me?”

But Hugh Anderson said nothing. He merely smiled.

“I know you are up to something, Anderson! I’d be careful if I were you. I know stuff. Never forget that! ”

“I remember, Joe. I just don’t care.”

“I know about you and the governor’s granddaughter, Hugh. I’ve got the pics, you old pervert.”

Anderson turned back to look at Joe and his mask for the last time. 

“All has been revealed, Joe. Revelation cannot be revealed twice, by definition. Besides, there’s nowhere to fly. I am already here.”

Hugh Anderson turned and walked away, whistling in the warm sunlight.




*     *     *

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A More Attractive Law of Attraction (Part 1)…

This is the first of a two-part article, taken directly from the ebook “A More Attractive Law of Attraction”, which is part of “The Deepening” series of ebooks by Marcus T Anthony.


The new age and alternative spirituality movements are dominated by the idea of the law of attraction. I think that I can write that without much fear of being wrong, but perhaps not without fear of having crystals and empty bottles of incense thrown in my general direction.

In case you have been in a self-induced trance for the past three decades, the law of attraction is the idea – made ever more popular in recent years by Rhonda Byrne and The Secret video and books – that through the power of intention we can create our dreams. To generalise, it is assumed that the law of attraction permits you to “manifest” in your life whatever you desire, through focused concentration, or simply believing it enough. Although the mechanism is never clearly explained, the idea is that “God” or “the universe” will give you whatever you want, just as long as you get your head together. I call this “the naïve law of attraction”, because my experience leads me to conclude that it is far from the truth. More to the point, if I call it “BS” I will never get invited to write here again and I’ll have to use a canary to snort my mail for traces of anthrax from this moment ever after.

So let me be direct but polite from the start, as that is the way I prefer to operate. My understanding is that the naïve law of attraction – as described in most popular literature and new age media – is mostly ego projection and contains strong elements of falsehood.

Having gotten this out of the way without having been struck down by the hand of God, I would like to now state that the purpose of this article is not to attack or belittle those who choose to follow such a belief structure. The universe grants us free will to decide what we want to believe and the way we want to live, and nobody has the right to stick their noses in our faces and tell us what to think. In fact my main task in this article is to describe an alternative to the law of attraction – and dare I say I consider it to be a more attractive variation on the theme, pun fully intended.

Here in Part 1 of this article I will state what I see as the main problems associated with the naïve law of attraction. Then in Part 2, I am then going to describe I consider to be a more workable philosophy which I call Gentle Aligned Action (assuming that I have not been run over by the local tofu truck by that time). This is an action-oriented philosophy which acknowledges some truths within the naïve idea of the law of attraction, but diverges in several important respects. Finally, I am going to state why I feel this is a far preferable way of living a spiritual and fulfilling life than those provided in such philosophies as outlined in The Secret.        

Ego falls

Last time I looked, the world’s great movers and shakers were not sitting around visualising world peace, or even their own material success. Most of the people buying new age books are middle and lower class folk feeling a little dissatisfied with their lot.

Yet perhaps the most problematic issue with the naïve law of attraction is that so many people who profess to believe it come unstuck. Many – I would say the vast majority – are not able to manifest the life of abundant material happiness they seek.

A fairly recent example of such an ego fall involved James Arthur Ray, one of the key presenters in The Secret video. The relevant incident occurred near Sedona, Arizona, where Ray’s spiritual retreat, featuring a native American sweat lodge, went horribly wrong. Three of the 50 or so people in the sweat lodge died. All participants paid about US$10,000 for the weekend.

There were allegations of negligence, especially in the setting up of the sweat lodge. Extreme heat and lack of oxygen may have been what caused the deaths of the participants. Ironically, Ray allegedly wrote on his blog, “One has to die before one is spiritually reborn”, the night before the tragedy. Oops.

Ray was eventually charged with manslaughter, and was found guilty of negligent homicide in June 2011.

One of the most successful law of attraction teachers is Dr Wayne Dyer. Dyer may well be the most successful “new age” writer/philosopher in history. Certainly he is right up there with Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Rhonda Byrne and a few others. For years Dyer has been teaching that one can manifest one’s intentions.

However in recent years Wayne Dyer has suffered several rather large ego falls, and I am not talking about hair loss. Ego falls are a common human experience. They occur when the ego builds a delusion about who or what it is, and then life offers a “correction”. People who write and teach about spirituality are very prone to such falls, and I include myself in that category.

Wayne Dyer’s falls have been real tests for him. First, his wife, and the mother of his seven children, announced that she was leaving him for another man. Dyer admitted that he had been unfaithful to her. Then he suffered a heart attack, and ended up strapped into a hospital bed, his fate controlled by the impersonal mechanisms of hospital technology. This must have been difficult to endure for a man who had run four miles every day of his life for several decades. Then recently, as if The Creator couldn’t slap him any harder, he was diagnosed with leukemia. According to Dyer, this is not a life-threatening form of the disease, yet it surely must be a test of his courage and belief structures.

Ego falls are not necessarily the end of the world. If the individual permits the consciousness contained in the fall to be fully received, the lesson is learned. The fall may actually presage a period of growth, or a deepening into Spirit. To the outside world, though, it may look like you have failed, been a hypocrite, or just made an idiot out of yourself. Indeed, if the ego does not ‘get’ the lesson, then these judgments may be valid. An honest admission is required. “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” doesn’t cut it, just in case any ex-presidents are reading this.

I have read one or two interviews that Wayne Dyer has given recently, and I must say that my sense of respect for him has deepened. He appears to have accepted the “corrections” that life has shown him. His courageous, honest and direct response to his setbacks shows him to be a man who walks the talk. He has openly discussed the way the ego creates illusions, and the way that the falls it experiences can assist us on our spiritual journeys.

 The key point I wish to make is that Wayne Dyer has shifted his understanding of the law of attraction. He now says that we do not attract what we want, but what we are. This should be a wakeup call to many. My interpretation of this is that “what we are” refers to the totality of our consciousness – not just the ego and what it desires. For the human mind is deep. This brings us to the small issue of “the shadow”.


The darkness within – and beyond              
Many years ago I underwent intensive spiritual training with some genuine kick-ass spiritual teachers. Perhaps the most powerful thing they ever taught me was to be vigilant about my intentions, and this caused me to delve deeply into my shadow – the dark and murky depths of my own mind. As a result I became increasingly transparent unto myself and quickly learned to befriend my inner trickster. My teachers helped me out a bit by rubbing it in my face, but that is another story.

I also learned to read the shadows within other people’s minds, regardless of who they are or where they are. And this leads me to another major reservation I have about the naïve law of attraction – my intuitive readings of the intentions of some teachers in the field. When I come across books and videos about the law of attraction (or any other subject matter) I look within the person, or into the energy behind the project, to see where they are coming from. Much of the time the energy is in alignment with darker intentions: drives for attention, money, power and control. This is the same shadowy territory where ex-presidents get overly creative with their boxes of cigars.

Make no mistake. The ego is a trickster and tries to hide itself from the conscious mind. Much of the problem I am talking about is by definition unconscious. The practitioners simply don’t know what they are doing.For this reason I have not been overly surprised when I have read of several ego falls by law of attraction advocates in recent times.

My experience with the law of attraction     
Let me now explain how my personal experience has led to my questioning the naive version of the law of attraction. I have experimented with the idea for many years and discovered that the universe doesn’t just bend its ways to accommodate personal will. In this regard I am in agreement with Wayne Dyer.

Nonetheless, the truth as far as I have been able to gather is that the universe does tend to reflect back to you your beliefs about reality. Now this is quite a different thing from saying that you can control reality directly, or make something happen just by thinking about it.

Rather than attempt to explain the fine details of my understanding, let me relate a cautionary tale which I feel will share the required knowledge. I recall the exact moment when I came to finally accept that we attract not what we want, but what we are.

As is often the case, it all came after an ego fall. In 2009 had an interview for a postdoctoral position at a prestigious university in Asia. I had followed through and applied for the job, even though I had a very strong feeling that it wasn’t right for me. But after getting a phone interview, I became increasingly attached to the idea of working as a big-note university professor at a snobby university. After all, it was not an unreasonable expectation. And after the preliminary phone interviews there were only two people granted face-to-face interviews, and I was extremely well-qualified. I had done everything I could possibly do for a recently-graduated PhD. Indeed I had excelled myself in terms of publication and writing, having already published some thirty papers in the two and a half years since I had been awarded the degree, an almost unheard of amount of work.

I spent a month preparing a 45 minute presentation on Deep Futures, arguing that it was time to move beyond materialistic “money and machines” models of economic development. Instead we should embrace futures which honour a deeper experience of life, including the spiritual (you can see the academic paper I wrote as part of that job application here).

What’s more I decided to use the law of attraction to get an edge on my opponent. I visualised myself clearly performing well in the interview, and then being granted the position. Just as they advise in The Secret, I felt myself sitting in front of a huge oak table in a throne-sized chair in that swanky office and in that exotic location, having secured the job. I added a box of cigars on the desk, just in case the secretary was hot.

I flew into the said country feeling apprehensive. Something just didn’t feel right about the whole situation. The morning of the interview I woke up in my hotel room, and as usual, I received a message from Spirit in the form of lyrics from a song which popped into my head. The words were crisp, clear. The words came from an old Eagles song: “I don’t know when I realised the dream was over”.

The meaning was obvious, and it wasn’t merely that I was still stuck in the 1970s. No. This wasn’t meant to be. My initial reading of the energy had been right.

Still, I resisted (which Spirit always allows). I decided to give the interview my best shot.

A few hours later I gave my presentation to the interviewing committee. After I had finished, several committee members were openly disdainful, even hostile towards me. I did my best to answer their tough questions, yet as a recently graduated PhD, and with relatively little experience in university settings, I probably didn’t satisfy some of them.

I didn’t get the job.

For about a week I felt great despair. I had failed yet again to attain what I had wanted. I reverted to a victim mentality, (which is what I refer to as a “soul issue” for me). I did an awful lot of soul searching. Then, the following Sunday, sitting by myself and feeling depressed and hopeless as I went through the interview in my mind for the hundredth time, I saw something clearly.

I had created my own suffering by aligning myself not with the energy of Spirit, but with the intentions of my ego.

But I got it. I took the shot and fell. It was humbling, but freeing at the same time. And I was immediately liberated from my own delusion.

I did not return to the victim state, or the depression. The lesson had been learned. Before we invest emotional energy and the energy of intention into a dream, we should first check to see if the energy is meant to be. For the universe is not a smorgasbord catering to our orders for better service.

The universe is generous, but we must respect her wishes. But more about that in part 2.

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Games You Play to Deny Your Brilliance

The following is an extract from my ebook Games You Play to Deny Yourself Divine Love If you would like a free review copy of this ebook, simply email me, Marcus, mindfutures@icloud.com.



A lot of people complain about not having enough money. You probably nod your head in agreement when you hear that fellow at work going on about his financial ills. After all, you can relate to his plight. Perhaps you have done your fair share of such complaining from time to time (After all, no matter how much money we have, just a little more would be nice right?).But what if that whining, cash-strapped chap had handfuls of diamonds stuffed into his trouser pockets even as he was complaining about how impoverished he is? Think about that. Our friend isn’t too bright and doesn’t know that diamonds are worth a fortune (he just likes the way they sparkle, and throws them away as soon as he gets a little bored or distracted). Little does he realise that he is just a short jeweller-trip away from having more of the green stuff than he ever imagined.

If this actually happened you’d probably think he was more than a little cognitively challenged. Perhaps even borderline insane. How could a grown man live and work in modern society without understanding the value of a diamond? After all, it’s all over the media and everyone knows that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Hell, forget the girls. Just gimme some of those things!


“Hey mate,” you say, pointing at your friend’s bulging pockets. “What’s that stuff you got there?”

“It’s nothin’. Just some shiny rocks I picked up at the quarry. They are everywhere down there.”

“Shit no!” You yell frantically, waving your arms around like a signalman at Heathrow. “They’re diamonds. You’re rich! Filthy stinkin’ rich I tell ya!”

Your friend gazes out the window for a moment, lost in some faraway place. “Did you hear the news? The economy is on the skids. The banks are going bottom up. I’ve heard that gold will soon be the only working currency.” His voice trails off, soft, lost, defeated.

“What! Are you f…ing bat-shit crazy? Who needs gold when you have diamonds?”

“Thanks for your concern,” returns your friend, now fidgeting with his mobile phone, looking bored and dissatisfied. “Look at those stocks plummeting. It’s the end of everything.”

“You’ve got to listen to me, bro…”

But your friend is not listening. “Yep, I’ve got to finish off some work on the computer. Just too busy these days. Talk to you later.”

“You idiot!” You scream as you wind up and deliver a great slap across your friend’s sickly, vampire-white face. But it’s no use. Your workmate barely flinches, continuing to stare blankly at his mobile for a moment, mumbling something about the bad headlines in the finance pages.

“See you round,” he says meekly without making eye contact. And so off he goes, diamonds rustling in his pants as he shuffles away to log onto FaceBook for another two hours.


Of course such an absurd scenario could never happen. Everyone knows that diamonds will net you bucket-loads of moola. A person would have to be seriously cognitively impaired not to understand that. Right?

So you are never going to meet anyone like that. Not ever. You are more likely to catch a hip-hop star wearing short-shorts and ugg boots while attending a Justin Beiber concert.

Yet there is an absurdity of equal proportions that is pervasive in the modern world. It’s just that it is even more ridiculous. Yes, there is the equivalent of people walking around today with their pockets stuffed full of diamonds complaining about their personal finances. Only the riches they fail to see are far more valuable than any lottery prize you could ever win.

It is not bag loads of cash that lie everywhere undetected. It is God-given divine love, the most precious and beautiful thing in existence.

You are “rich” beyond measure. You just don’t know it yet.


Your innate brilliance

You are a magnificent human being who is completely worthy of unconditional love. Divine love. The essence of your being is pristine, innocent, brilliant.

Powerful beyond measure. But this is not power as we modern humans commonly think of the word. This is not about control over the world and its people such that our immediate gratifications are met. It is nothing less than the power to radiate the brilliance of your being, a power so great that no force can stop it.

You came from perfect love, and that is the state to which you will eventually return. There is nothing you have ever done or could possible ever do that could ever change this.


You have just temporarily forgotten who you are.

But how did you forget?

The answer is as obvious as the love that I refer to, and just as easily missed.

There is a profound truth that is the very essence of simplicity: we shut out the light of love through judgment: judgment of others, of the world, and especially of ourselves. For self-judgment is self-rejection. It is neither God nor the devil that dims our brilliance. It is not even your parents, teachers or friends; nor could any government conspiracy possibly pull it off. At the deepest level all these are powerless till we give our power away to them.

No. You do it to yourself. You do so unconsciously, because that is what you have been conditioned to do by society, family and friends.

Of particular importance here is the endless rejection and suppression of your emotions.

And if you are just foolish enough to go on a spiritual journey, you probably judge yourself for judging yourself (and others). All we spiritual folk know that judgment is bad, so we have to slap it out of ourselves. Out, damned spot!

Too bad that judging judgment is itself a judgment. How do you get rid of that?

That is part of what I call “the spiritual trap”. That is, trying to become more spiritual by pretending that you are not really human anymore. The error is in rejecting your humanness, and believing that you have to become something super-human. In fact The Deepening is all about relaxing into the truth of all that you are, and allowing yourself to fall in love with yourself.

Having a mind is like carrying a big stick around all day and using it to beat everything and everybody you encounter, including yourself. So what hope is there, when the very nature of mind is judgmental? And we all have a mind, right? The good news is that there is hope, and that is the entire purpose of The Deepening books. Yet that hope is not in trying to get rid of your mind, as some spiritual philosophies insist is possible. Your purpose is to develop a more loving and disciplined relationship with your thoughts.

Trying to get rid of your mind is like trying to get rid of your shadow. You are just going to drive yourself to the brink of infirmity even trying. I don’t want to see you wandering down the street one day with a great grin on your, bestowing your grandiose beneficence upon the ignorant common folk while carrying a giant spotlight as you attempt to annihilate any trace of your shadow whenever the sun emerges from behind a cloud.

No, we don’t have to try so damn hard. We just have to allow ourselves to be more fully human.


The many guises of judgment

Judgment comes in numerous forms. You will be familiar with all of them, no doubt, being the owner of that little thing called a mind.


·       Frustration

·       Anxiety/worry

·       Doubt (including self-doubt)

·       Blame

·       Guilt (or self-blame)

·       Distrust

·       Expectation (of favourable or unfavourable outcomes)

·       Jealousy and envy

·       Hopelessness

This is an extract from Marcus T Anthony’s ebook Games You Play to Deny Yourself Divine Love. If you would like to receive a free review copy of this ebook, simply email Marcus, mindfutures@icloud.com.

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The Future of Consciousness project overview

The Coming Consciousness Revolution refers to the fast-approaching era of science and culture which acknowledges the reality of the extended mind and the spiritual dimensions of human experience. The Coming Consciousness Revolution explores exciting developments & possibilities in a wide array of domains including business, spirituality, philosophy, social media, education & learning, the arts, health & healing biology, physics, consciousness studies, computing etc.

The short link to this page is: http://ow.ly/kCOGH

This is it! I have made references on previous occasions to something I have called The Future of Consciousness(formerly The Great Mind Shift). However this is the first time I have mentioned a project which I have been developing over the past few weeks that goes by the very same name: The Future of Consciousness. You can see an overview of the project below the book cover.

I have already formed a Meet Up group in Melbourne. Our first meeting just two days ago was very promising, with an enthusiastic fourteen members attending. This particular Meet Up group is for Melbournites only (unless you are willing to fly in to our meetings!). However, there will eventually be a Mind Shift web site all of its own, and anybody, anywhere across the globe is free to visit or become a member. Meanwhile, you can read regular updates here on this page.

I listed some initial practical possibilities for this project here.

Without further ado, here are the details of the The Future of Consciousness project, in its essence. Note that the project appears under its original name, The Coming Consciousness Revolution.

PS: If you wish to be kept up to date about research and developments regarding The Future of Consciousness (interviews, videos, the book project, important links to other works etc.) just email me at newsletter@marcustanthony.com, and I will send you updates every month or so.


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 GMS cover basics

The Future of Consciousness

What it means for the future of science, life and business

Initiated by:

Marcus T. Anthony, PhD,

Director, MindFutures

“Where will The Coming Consciousness Revolution take us, and how can we create opportunities from it?”

The Coming Consciousness Revolution refers to the fast-approaching era of science and culture which acknowledges the reality of the extended mind and the spiritual dimensions of human experience. The Future of Consciousness explores exciting developments & possibilities in a wide array of domains including business, spirituality, philosophy, social media, education & learning, the arts, health & healing biology, physics, consciousness studies, computing etc.

The Coming Consciousness Revolution heralds an era of tremendous opportunity for all those passionate about expanded human futures and the untapped potentials within the human mind.


·        Futurist Marcus T Anthony indicates a new direction of change, & outlines what it will mean for life, work, science, education & society

·        A key purpose of The Coming Consciousness Revolution is to stimulate thinking & get people to begin expanding their thoughts about what is possible with the future of mind

·        This project has a practical focus: aimed at people who would like to seize opportunities

·        The Great Transition is a stimulus to encourage those with the imagination & foresight to explore concrete opportunities in business, career, research or life orientation.


·        A major shift is emerging – a dramatic change in what it means to be human

·        The 21st century will increasingly be an era of connectedness, both technologically & spiritually

·        Old notions of consciousness being localised in brains will be replaced by reality of the extended mind – a mind that is in dynamic relationship with other people, the environment & the cosmos itself.

Aims of the Project

·        To publish The Coming Consciousness Revolution (book), which will be a powerful reference book (updated regularly)

·       To form The Coming Consciousness Revolution group (international think tank) to bring together a group of committed, influential experts to form a pool of knowledge & resources

·       To present an overview of some of the most important current ideas and/or scientific developments in practical applications of The Coming Consciousness Rebolution

·       To make informed predictions about where each domain may develop in the coming decades as The Coming Consciousness Revolution takes more definite form

·       To suggest opportunities for learning, business and personal growth in each domain

·        To present video and text interviews with leading thinkers in each domain

·       Regular updates (www.mind-futures.com/great-mind-shift)

PS: If you wish to be kept up to date about research and developments regarding The Coming Consciousness Revolution (interviews, videos, the book project, important links to other works etc.) just email me at newsletter@marcustanthony.com, and I will send you updates every month or so.


The spiritual trap: “I will be OK when I am healed!”








The following extract is from my brand new ebook Games You Play to Deny Yourself Divine Love, which is now available on Amazon.com (if you would like a review copy, email Marcus, mindfutures@icloud.com). This book is part of an ebook series called The Deepening. The other two ebooks published so far are:

Trolls and Demons: How to Remain Awake in the Age of Online Zombies

The Truth about Karma

 *          *          *

I will accept myself when I am more spiritual

Ah yes. I am spiritual. Very spiritual! And I am becoming more spiritual. Soon I will be so spiritual that all those sheeple out there will be so far beneath me that I will not even know they exist!

There’s no more guaranteed way to sabotage a spiritual journey than to go on a spiritual journey. Where are you going, exactly? When will you get there?

Can you see the problem?

In setting up the journey, you are saying that where I am now is not okay. I must arrive somewhere else, later on – only then will I be whole and complete. This here and now is not good enough. Indeed, I must become more spiritual. Like the Dalai Lama, the Pope, Jesus, or the Buddha. Or maybe I can just be as enlightened as my spiritual teacher. Sure, I am not there yet. But I will be. One day. In the future. But not now. Not here.

Not ever.

The mind loves this spiritual game. It is a guaranteed way that it never has to release its power over you, for it sets up a perpetual cycle of conditional love. I will be OK when I am truly spiritual, when I get to the top of that mountain.

“I need to be perfect”

Jesus was perfect. He couldn’t be tempted by the devil, and he never had a wicked thought. The Buddha just sat around being all enlightened. I’m not there yet, but maybe one day I will be.

Sorry, but you are not going to be like Jesus, and you haven’t got a hope of being like the Buddha. No, you are just fine the way you are.

Make no mistake. There are lessons we can learn from the spiritual greats. There are subtle distinctions about the way mind and cosmos interact, between the way the ego and higher self operate. But you are not here to be like anyone else. You are just magnificent in what you are right now. If you stop and relax long enough, you might just discover this for yourself. So do yourself a favour and spare yourself those thirty years of penance or meditation you think you need to become perfect.

The key to awakening lies in the deep acceptance of all that you already are, including all those parts of yourself you deem to be unacceptable.

Get it through your thick head (or thick mind). You are never going to be perfect. Not ever!

Here’s another secret. No mind that has ever existed on this planet has ever become enlightened. That’s right. No mind has ever reached nirvana because the mind by its very nature exists in separation, and if you want to continue to exist on this plane of existence, a mind comes in very handy from time to time.

The truth is that the Deepening is a relaxation into the perfection that you already are. The mind can never live up to the ridiculous expectations which you place upon it. So don’t bother.

If you are not having a good time, why bother anyway?

Is your ultimate enlightenment worth the cost of being a boring, miserable SOB till the year 2050?

I don’t think so.

So snap out of it.


“I will be OK when I am healed”

 Don’t interrupt my pain. I’m healing!

You have to give it to the mind for this one, for it is pure genius. Trying to heal is perhaps the perfect trap the mind sets up to fool itself. In this common scenario, you set out to heal yourself after you acknowledge that that there is pain within your soul. Your mind then declares: “My goodness! This is what is stopping the light from shining within me! I must go on a healing journey in order to awaken! I must get rid of this damn pain. When I no longer hurt, I will be free – and enlightened!”

Do you see the trap? In trying to get rid of the pain, the ego is rejecting the wounded child within. The ego is rejecting itself. Ironically, shutting out the light. Here the mind is saying that the current me, with all this pain and suffering, is not acceptable. But one day, when I get rid of all this damn anger, sadness and fear I’ll be okay. Not till then though!

What I am talking about involves a very subtle distinction. It is generally true that we have to acknowledge our pain before we can heal. If we suppress our hurt and emotions they will never heal. But we have to bring a loving, non-judgmental awareness to our pain. For any judgment of the wounded child will simply drive it further into unconsciousness.

Further, as Caroline Myss points out in Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can, the mind can become addicted to the healing process, especially the sense of intimacy that one gets from being part of a healing group, or sharing one’s pain with another.

“How will I connect with my wounded fellow-journeymen when the pain is gone?” asks the mind in terror. The answer is twofold. Firstly, in bringing your mind into presence with another, you connect in the intimacy of the moment. And this is a far more beautiful connection than one based on trying to swap emotional baggage. Secondly, there are plenty of ways to interact with others without bringing emotional pain into it. Join a hiking group. Discuss philosophy or gardening. Play sport.

“But these things are not intimate!” the ego complains. And no, they are not intimate in the same way. But often the sense of connectedness you get in sharing your pain emerges from a subtle level of dysfunction. In particular, the intimacy of healing groups can often be a co-dependent process, where people unconsciously begin carrying each other’s wounds. So you walk out of the group with lots of little inner children clinging to you back because you are rescuing everyone – or possessed by someone to whom you gave your power away.

To be perfectly blunt, no healing will occur while your wounded energy is in someone else’s possession. This is a blatant form of giving your power away to another individual or group.

The most effective solution to the sense of emptiness that may ensue after leaving behind the intimacy of healing groups or friends is simply to begin to connect deeply with what is before you in every moment, in deep presence. In the end, this is the only thing that will fill the void.

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