The Price of Being Right

My belief is that there is often something more important than taking sides in a debate or argument. How is my attitude towards the subject affecting my consciousness? Does my position cause an expansion of consciousness, or a contraction? This is not an intellectual question. It requires an intuitively-felt answer, and you will know that…

How to REALLY Unite Europe

Most of my friends are liberals. I adhere nether to modern liberalism, nor to conservatism, but I am attracted to the spirit of liberalism (You will find out what I mean by that as you read on). Much of what passes for liberalism in the modern world is actually conservatism dressed up as the former. There is an inherent degree of intolerance and bigotry which is commonly being expressed. The liberal true ideal is typified by love, acceptance, compassion, equality, generosity and peace. It is no coincidence that these are also associated with the higher stages of consciousness evolution. Of awakening, or enlightenment, if you prefer.

What is Your Intention in the Next Election?

What would happen if instead of batting for a political party at the next election like following a football team, we instead focussed more on the intentionality of the leaders – and most importantly the “energy” we put out with the relationship we have to ideas?

Beyond the Violence of Neo-Liberalism

Many of the problems we are witnessing today with the rise of conservative sentiments may be insolvable at the level of mind. This is what we are seeing with the backlash against liberalism, as evidenced by the relative success of conservative politicians like Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump and recently with Tony Abbott in Australia.

Are you a Master of the Intuitive?

The following is an extract from my brand new new book, Champion of the Soul. Some new age teachings place the intuitive – and especially the psychic ream – at the centre of the spiritual journey. This is a mistake. In order for you to awaken, the intuitive must be made subservient to the mindful.…

The truth about karma

Something worth reflecting upon. From my new book, out in a few weeks’ time. Happy Valentine’s Day! Marcus   [facebook]   [twitter name=”marcustanthony1″]   [retweet]

Are you ready to be a conscious leader?

INSIGHTS: We are at a turning point. The world must make the transition to a deeper level of consciousness. We need conscious leaders who understand what that deeper consciousness is, and how to allow it. They need to access it not for personal gain, nor to elevate their sense of specialness, but to serve humanity.…

Lawrence LeShan on free will

INSIGHTS: Imagine someone who says, “I have no free will. Everything I do or say is determined by mechanical forces. I am a robot.” We would send him to a psychiatrist. But if a person with a PhD stands up in a lecture hall and says, “All humans are mechanically determined and have no free…