Bleaching the Soul

Our time spent online is increasingly being eaten by forces that care naught for our authentic selves. The web is mostly a world of projection and drama, where hyperbole, fear and catastrophic narratives are pumped into us, such that our consciousness can be fed into their machines. Much of the internet is the imaginal gone wrong. The more we bury ourselves in that, the more lost, angry and alienated we become; because we have unwittingly betrayed our authentic selves. Because we have betrayed our own spirit.

Learning to listen to the heart may take a lifetime. Even longer. Or just a moment.

Timothy Ferris on London Real

I seem to be posting or writing about the London Real podcast a lot lately. So why change now? This time they are interviewing Timothy Ferris, variously described as a professional vagabond, the world’s greatest self-promoter, and life hacker. I’m not into the – shall we say – neurological and physiological enhancement that Nic and…

Drugging the future generation

NEWS/MEDIA/BLOG POST: I found this quite insightful NYT article written by a parent whose son was medicated for, well, being a boy. It seems her little one was being fidgety, playful and was even trying to make other kids laugh. He was diagnosed with ADHD and put on Ritalin. Before you read the article, take…