Marcus T Anthony’s PhD thesis on Integrated Intelligence

ACADEMIC:  This is the doctoral thesis of Marcus T Anthony, which was completed in 2006. It examines dominant mainstream theories of mind and intelligence, and contrasts them with alternative Eastern, mystical and indigenous conceptions. In particular the thesis presents the theory of integrated intelligence: that the mind extends beyond the brain, and that individuals can tap into that greater intelligence to live more meaningful lives and develop greater wisdom.

Thesis Title: Representations of integrated intelligence within classical and contemporary depictions of
intelligence and their educational implications

Marcus T Anthony


Click on the link below to download the PDF

Marcus T Anthony’s thesis
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2 thoughts on “Marcus T Anthony’s PhD thesis on Integrated Intelligence

    • Sorry for the late reply, carolina. I’ve been busy doing other things lately. I graduated from the University of the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland, Australia. It’s Australia’s newest university at about 15 years old, but it has an excellent staff, thanks mainly to its great location. My supervisor was Sohail Inayatullah, easily the best futurist in Australia in my humble opinion. He was the reason I did my thesis there. He was very open to the concept of Integrated Intelligence. He was also just a very good supervisor. Sohail still works there part-time I believe, as well as at Tamkang University in Taiwan.

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