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My main goal is to help you empower your life and live your dream. I am a little unusual in the life caching field as I use use a powerful intuitive method – spiritual insight – to look at your life and your relationship to it. I can help you find the right path to your most inspired future. A life coaching session can help you heal the psychological and spiritual issues that may be holding you back, and help you discover your soul gifts. Or it can be used to work through more common everyday problems, such as with relationships, feelings of anxiety, self-worth, forgiveness and so on.

Twenty years ago I discovered that I had natural intuitive abilities, and since that time I have further developed those skills by working with advanced intuitive teachers. I can teach you these skills, and show you how to apply them to your own life.

An important motivation for me is to teach people like you how to find your true calling using their innate, intuitive gifts. Most importantly, I can teach you how to find peace in each moment, regardless of what is happening in your life. This is where your true power lies.


How can you stand in your greatest power?


Each of us shines a great light from within. We are magnificent being, completely worthy of divine love. In aligning with your true self you will discover your unshakable power as a human being. Once discovered, there is no person or thing that can ever take that power away from you. The great tragedy is that so many people do not know the answers to this question. With no compass to guide them home, they are like ships adrift at sea, living lives with no meaning, and with no power. No light.



Your Life Coaching Session with Marcus may help you:

– Identify your soul gifts and personal strengths.

– Develop your profound intuition so that you can easily identify the path to your greatest success.

– Ground yourself in the present moment, in joy, and free from fear.

– Identify and heal the Soul Issues which lie at the core of your life journey, and which may sabotage your hopes and dreams.

– Clarify your soul needs, and learning how to actualise them.

– Connect with and heal your inner child.



Personal Intuitive Training


I can also personally teach you how to develop your Integrated Intelligence – your natural and innate ability to instantly come to a deeper awareness of what lies within and behind people, places and life events. Personal Intuitive Training is an individually tailored programme to meet your specific needs. This is the teaching that will grant you access to deep and immediate wisdom, intuit who the right people are to hang out with,  give you an unfair advantage over others in your career, and bring natural healing into your life, I gleaned this knowledge from nearly thirty years of working with powerful spiritual teachers and scientists. Your Personal Intuitive Training incorporates four weekly personal video sessions with me, of one hour each.



Life Coaching:  Your own individual session: US$99 for one hour. OR US$249 monthly (3 hours over 3-4 sessions).

Your Personal Intuitive Training: Four individual sessions with Marcus for US$249, and this includes my free ebook which explains how to develop profound intuition.

You can book your personal sessions with Marcus via PayPal address:

OR via bank transfer (to Australia):

To find out more, contact Marcus:

What others are saying about Marcus’ personal sessions:

“I first contacted Marcus after learning about him from Anita Moorjani’s website. He is an exceptionally intuitive and kind man. He did an energy assessment of me which allowed me to understand the many difficulties that constantly challenged me. These were issues of shame and trust – issues which have robbed me of feeling complete happiness and safety.  Having this deeper awareness and given tools on how to work through these difficulties I now feel better equipped to live my life in a more authentic way. This, I know, will bring me greater happiness.”     
Thank you Marcus     
Laurie L., USA

“Marcus Anthony reads energy. This remarkable talent enables him to intuit the big issues in your life, the major challenges, your strengths and your weaknesses. After our computers were hacked, Marcus offered to do a reading on the situation, and my husband and I were blown away. He hit so many salient points it was as if he were peering into our souls. We followed his advice and the situation resolved itself.”        
Trish MacGreggor, co-author of The Seven Secrets of Synchronicity, USA

“Marcus is an exceptionally gifted psychic who at the same time has his feet firmly on the ground – not to mention a great sense of humour. In  a compassionate and non-judgmental way, he shows you and shares with you the deeper reality that underlies our everyday world: the feelings and influences that we’re unaware of or try to keep hidden, even from ourselves. Highly recommended to anyone facing difficult choices or dogged by unhappiness in their personal or working lives.”     
Simon Buckland, Wall Street Institute, London

“I have had the pleasure of attending a series of workshops and a private readings by Marcus, which I found both informative and inspiring. His insight and interpretation of the situation was remarkable to say the least. His knowledge and energy silenced any doubts within and begins to put you on your own spiritual path. Marcus truly come from a place of understanding and through his own experiences helping others explore their soul and innate intuition.”

Dr Alick Lau, Brisbane, Australia 

“Marcus did energy channelling for me and I was amazed at how accurate he was. He helped me to understand the situation that I was in and helped me to go through one of the most difficult times in my life. I also attended an intuition course which was conducted by Marcus. It was a very interesting course and Marcus was able to explain the intuition in a simple and easy to understand manner. Thanks Marcus.”
Devi Syarif, Hong Kong

18 thoughts on “Life Coaching with Marcus T Anthony

  1. Hi Marcus,

    I am interested in setting up an appointment with you. Is the voucher good for this? Finances are definitely one of my current challenges. I am looking for any help that I can get to move me out of my current situation and specifically to get answers on what directions I should be going, what my purpose and direction is supposed to be. What do you need from me (besides payment) prior to setting an appointment?

    I’m on the west coast (Oregon specifically) of the USA so it means that we have a significant difference it time. It’s currently 9:19 am on Monday, my phone says that translates to 12:03 am on Tuesday in Sidney. Not sure how that relates to Melbourne.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    • Hi Roxann,

      I will email you. Don’t worry, I am always flexible with people who have genuine financial issues or who are from less developed countries where salaries are lower (and I know Oregon is not a country – I have been there actually!). Marcus

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  3. hi Marcus my name is Kelly I have an extraordinary story too. if you want to hear I could tell you but I just want to let you know most people see orbs after taking a picture with the camera, I can see them with my own eyes and they’re spectacular I even took a picture of one but just turned out a little dot of light for some reason it didn’t come out like the beauty that it was. Thank you

  4. That’s interesting, Kelly. To be honest, I am a little sceptical of the camera orbs thing, as it may simply be a photographic effect. But many people have seen orbs of light, some big, some small, with their own eyes. I have seen a large one and a small one when I was about 12. The childhood incident terrified me because it was outside my window at night, in the garden just below my window. The next morning I convinced myself it must have been a white rabbit, but it was glowing bright. I had no framework in which to interpret such a thing, and never told anyone. In fact this is the first time I have ever mentioned it to anyone.

    But by all means share your story if you like.

  5. Hello Marcus,

    This is Ali. We made one Skype session one year ago. Sorry if disturbed you with my e-mail. I just need your advice or insight for the subject above. It might not be a very important subject. But this pattern keeps on repeating in my life. I have fallen in love 5 times and my deep feelings have never been reciprocated. What is the meaning of this painful repetition?. I feel like life is trying to make me understand a deeper self-worth and self-love. Because unrequited love makes one fall into very self-destructive patterns if not dealt properly.

    Best Regards,

    • Hi Ali,

      Yes, sometimes the universe can seem cruel, leading us into situations which are painful. Yet there is a purposefulness to many things, I believe. You might like to read the article I wrote via link below this.

      My response to your answer comes from my personal experience. My sense is that somewhere in your past you have developed a strong belief that you are unlovable. There is a deep scar or pain associated with this. There is the idea of not being loved by maternal figures. So within your psyche you have developed the idea that a woman can heal that pain. But this is actually impossible. There is an unwritten principle in the universe that we are all ultimately responsible for our own pain and suffering. We do get help from spirit. I know this to be true. By all means ask spirit – God if you like – to help you find the ways to heal. Yet spirit will not do it for you.

      The simplest path is to relax and connect with the wounded child – the unloved part of yourself that wants to be nurtured or saved by a woman. Then you have to bring loving attention to that part of yourself. This requires feeling whatever is within you. Realistically, you may need help with this, as the mind will tend to resist. I suggest finding a spiritual practitioner who knows something about spiritual wounds, and about the inner child.

      The truth is that this is not something that you can do just once. It requires a lifetime commitment. Whenever the pain rises, you are called to be with it.

      Falling in love, I hate to say, is often a delusion. The mind often invests the meaning that the other person will make the pain go away. Maybe at some level they will agree to this, nursing your wounded child. But this will descend into drama and conflict, because there will be something the other person demands from you in return.

      You cannot really love a person when you have an agenda to be saved. What you really have a is a list of demands for them. Sooner or later the game is seen, and anger and blame arise. And if you are a man seeking maternal love from a woman, the women will probably tire of the game sooner or later.

      The good news is that nobody is perfect. And once you learn how to be with the wounded part of yourself, you can at least begin to authentically give and receive love.

      All this is a little more than I can detail here. I hope what I have written helps. I am simply suggesting you begin invest time and energy into being more present to yourself and your wounds. The loving relationships will follow later. Can you trust that?

  6. Hi Marcus,
    I am interested in setting up a 1 hour session with you. I am in Ohio in the US. What is the best way to do this? Thank you!

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  8. Dear Marcus,
    Thank you for your insightful blog about Stuart Wilde – I just wrote to you expressing my gratitude for this amazing insightful
    message which all aligned to my observations. Thank you for this.
    Then I began to think and wondered if I could get a Life Coaching session with you.

    As a Deaf individual, I would like to know if you’re willing to use the video relay service in which they have a professional ASL interpreter to translate our spoken and signed conversations for Life Coaching? We can still use Skype but it would just have you use your cell phone to speak to the relay interpreter so I can understand everything you’re saying. Or the other option is, if you feel comfortable (most people I’ve asked are not) typing back and forth; in America, Deaf consumers ask professionals to extend an accommodation via communicating on alternative means by adding 1/2 hour since typing slows down the communication speed.

    Secondly, do you offer any discounts for disABLEd single folks on low-income category? I sense you’ll be the exact kind of Life Coach I need to further my personal growth on multitude levels.


    • Hi Raven,

      Typing might actually be better, because having a third party would be a bit awkward, and some stuff can get personal in sessions. If it takes longer, that’s OK. Yes, I can reduce the cost for you. Contact me, and we can chat further.



  9. Hola Anthony T Marcus:

    acá va mi traducción en google de tu resumen tan maravilloso, por si alguien como yo no hablemos perfecto inglés ya lo tiene:

    “Mi coach Anthony T Marcus :
    en español. Traducido tal vez no perfecto,
    pero para mi es funcional” Nischma V.

    A menudo me refiero al término “inteligencia integrada”.

     Por ejemplo, es una parte central del proyecto y libro The Future of Consciousness del mismo nombre, así como mi podcast The Consciousness Files. Sin embargo, no todos los que visitan este blog han leído mis libros o saben a qué me refiero con este término. Entonces, en la publicación de hoy voy a dar un pequeño resumen sucinto de lo que es Integrated Intelligence (o INI). También voy a delinear lo que realmente puedes hacer con él, y dar algunos ejemplos fascinantes.

     Antes de siquiera comenzar a definir la Inteligencia Integrada, debemos detenernos por un momento para preguntar qué es la inteligencia.

     La inteligencia es la capacidad mental que le permite funcionar con éxito en una situación dada

    – y nada más.

    Académicos y filósofos han estado discutiendo sobre esto durante siglos, y todavía no pueden ponerse de acuerdo en mucho más que la definición que les doy.

    Es a partir de esta definición de inteligencia que defino la Inteligencia Integrada como:

    La capacidad de recurrir a la mente extendida y todas sus capacidades intuitivas para funcionar con éxito y resolver problemas.

    La mente extendida, a su vez, es:

     Conciencia que se extiende más allá del cerebro del individuo y nos conecta con reinos espirituales.
     Así que, básicamente, Integrated Intelligence está utilizando más de su mente, incluida la intuitiva, para hacer lo que realmente desea.
     Esto no excluye las funciones “racionales” de la mente, porque tanto el intuitivo como el racional tienen sus funciones válidas.

    • También se deduce que la Inteligencia Integrada no es lo mismo que la “iluminación” o la evolución espiritual.
    • No obstante, la inteligencia integrada puede emplearse para estos fines.
    • El INI se describe típicamente como parte de estados superiores de conciencia, como se informa en muchas tradiciones espirituales.
    • Y cuanto más agudos son estos estados, la Inteligencia Integrada más desarrollada tiende a ser.

     Usando INI
    Seamos un poco más prácticos. ¿Cómo se puede aplicar INI?

    Hay al menos 7 funciones mentales básicas que INI le permite realizar:

    Esta es la capacidad de sentir las conexiones entre y entre cosas. La conectividad tiene varias formas, y probablemente no sea un proceso cognitivo único (tal vez lo descompondré en escritos posteriores). Incluye las experiencias de iluminación de orden superior donde el sentido del yo del individuo se expande más allá de su cuerpo inmediato.
    Un ejemplo clásico proviene de Conciencia Cósmica de Maurice Bucke (1905), donde informó una profunda experiencia mística:

    “Estaba perdiendo mi conciencia, mi identidad, era incapaz de contenerme. ¡Ahora llegó un período de éxtasis tan intenso que el Universo se detuvo, como asombrado por la majestuosidad inexpresable del espectáculo! ¡Solo uno en todo el universo infinito! ¡El Amoroso, el Perfecto! ¡La Sabiduría Perfecta, la verdad, el amor y la pureza! Y con el éxtasis llegó la idea. En ese mismo maravilloso momento de lo que podría llamarse bienaventuranza sobrenatural, vino la iluminación … Qué alegría cuando vi que no había un quiebre en la cadena, ni un eslabón omitido, todo en su tiempo y lugar. Mundos, sistemas, todo doblado en un todo armonioso. ¡Luz universal, sinónimo de amor universal!

    Esta es la capacidad de detectar dónde están las cosas, sin tener necesariamente información previa.

    Esto puede ocurrir a través de un sentimiento, o puede ser de naturaleza visual. Una vez perdí mi tarjeta de crédito y no pude encontrarla por días. Entonces hice meditación, poniéndome en un ligero estado de trance. Seguí preguntando dónde estaba la tarjeta, y después de unos minutos me vino una imagen clara del bolsillo trasero de un par de jeans negros. Me levanté inmediatamente y fui al armario donde colgaba mi único par de jeans negros, y encontré la tarjeta de crédito en el bolsillo trasero.

    El diagnóstico es la capacidad de encontrar intuitivamente la causa de los problemas.

    Un amigo mío que trabajó para el gigante del acero BHP hace unos años, informó que usó su intuición para reparar maquinaria. En lugar de tratar de analizar racionalmente por qué una máquina se había roto, a menudo simplemente se detenía y permitía que la respuesta llegara a él. Afirmó que podía hacerlo en cualquier lugar, y se refirió a un incidente cuando estaba en el barco de un amigo, y el motor se detuvo. Le dijo al propietario del bote lo que sentía que estaba mal, y tan pronto como se investigó el problema, se demostró que su corazonada era correcta.

    El reconocimiento es poder conocer de inmediato a alguien o algo sin que nunca se lo haya contado.

    En Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda cuenta una historia de su infancia. Un día estaba caminando por una calle y vio a un yogui (hombre sabio indio) caminando hacia él. Estaba lleno de un conocimiento profundo e inmediato de que este yogui iba a ser su maestro. Él se puso de pie, y estaba lleno de lágrimas. Esto comenzó una relación maestro-alumno que duró muchos años hasta la muerte del yogui, e incluso después, según Yogananda (pudo comunicarse con su maestro en forma de espíritu).

    En la plantilla Discover Your Soul, cuento la historia de una reunión larga y prolongada en una escuela en la que trabajé en Hong Kong, donde los profesores y administradores pasamos por una tediosa reunión de 4 horas, escuchando a los representantes de las empresas de libros de texto dar su discurso. Después de un par (..2) de horas, y casi quedándome dormido, simplemente sentí la energía de las 4 opciones, y vi de inmediato que solo había una opción real. Hubo otra reunión la semana siguiente antes de que el administrador finalmente eligiera el mismo libro.

    Inspiración. Este término se refiere al conocimiento e ideas creativas que provienen de fuentes espirituales, no a su mente consciente.

     Muchos creadores, artistas escritores e incluso científicos han informado que se guiaron por una inspiración que estaba más allá de su volición consciente.

     William Blake, por ejemplo, dijo que los ángeles inspiraron su poesía.

    o Para la redacción de mi tesis, usé un proceso que llamo Indagación integrada, que me permitió escribir prolíficamente.

    También hay dos resultados que surgen de la aplicación exitosa de INI.

     Sabiduría.
    La sabiduría es el resultado de la capacidad de usar INI para crear una vida que sea profundamente significativa y en alineación con las necesidades más altas de una persona.

     Transformación.

     Un cambio de núcleo, elevando a la persona hacia una mayor sabiduría e inteligencia, y creando un mayor nivel de conciencia. Esto causa una transformación de su ser completo.

     Entonces, en pocas palabras, es la Inteligencia Integrada

    Marcus T Anthony

     Precognición. Cuando sienta lo que va a suceder en el futuro, esto es precognición.

     Evaluación.

    La evaluación implica poder determinar intuitivamente la sabiduría o el valor de diferentes opciones y elecciones.

     Diagnóstico.

    El diagnóstico es la capacidad de encontrar intuitivamente la causa de los problemas.

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