Power and Presence:

Power and Presence begins with the disturbing proposition that the ITopian nightmare has descended and possessed us. The weaponization of the internet, politics and society is all but complete, and our souls – our authentic selves – have been defeated. Our awareness has shifted from the inner wisdom of the psyche to become ensnared in a virtual MemeWorld, which we now confuse for reality. Power and Presence is a confronting but (I hope) ultimately uplifting volume designed to shake readers from the illusion and empower them to rediscover their authentic selves, and from there to build a truly meaningful and empowered life.

Are young Americans becoming less materialistic?

Are young people in America becoming less materialisic, compared to their parents? Writing on his Shaping Tomorrow site, futurist Mike Jackson says that with economic uncertainty on the risee, both young people and the business community in general are investing more in intangible services, including those related to education, data accumulation, and financial security. Is…