Welcome to ITopia

I like to call this virtual space MemeWorld, because it is a reality whose fabric is comprised not so much of the real, but of threads of memes weaved into a great net. And that is increasingly what we see of the world, and how we see it.
Or rather, that is how the world is made for us.
MemeWorld is becoming increasingly alien, relative to how we once experienced the world with our critical faculties and bodily, intuitive senses. Yet we can now identify 14 of its general operational features.

Eddie Obeng on London Real

Here’s another great podcast by the London Real team, (headed by Brian Rose), talking with Eddie Obeng. Eddie Obeng describes himself as an educator. He argues that organisations – including corporate and educational – teach outmoded views and processes, which are already obsolete by the time the individual puts them into place (say, 2 years…

Welcome to the new MindFutures!

BLOG POST: Finally, here we are at the new MindFutures site! So what’s different, what’s new, and what will remain the same? The first thing you will notice is that new mind-futures.com contains most of my work and interests in the one location. Previously, my stuff has been scattered all around the net. Many of…