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What if you spent many years putting everything into a dream, only to find it
How can Chinese traditional concepts of mind and consciousness help us to construct a desirable
Are you - or somebody you know - a drama queen? Or Drama king –
The rational mind and modern science are wonderful gifts that we have been given, and
The essence of awareness and of Wisdom is developing the capacity to be present to
On September 16, 2017, Trump supporters and Black Lives Matter protesters converged at the National

About Marcus T Anthony, PhD

Marcus T Anthony, Associate Professor of Foresight & Strategy, Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai, China. Author of Power and Presence

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About Power and Presence

Drawing upon his thirty years of research and practice of mindful insight, futurist Marcus T Anthony shows us that the key to freedom is developing Digital Wisdom – a conscious relationship with new technologies. Power and Presence is thus a confronting but ultimately uplifting volume which empowers readers to reclaim their Authentic Selves, and to build truly meaningful lives.

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What people are saying about Marcus

There is nothing more important for our life and our future that an evolutionary shift in our consciousness. This shift is already occurring, and Marcus Anthony is among the true pioneers who are spearheading it.

Dr. Ervin Laszlo Founder of the Club of Budapest

Wow! This is very impressive. Marcus T. Anthony’s new book moves with a wisdom and confidence that has the feeling of being channeled from that higher being within us so few of us ever manage to tap into consciously, or in conscious partnership. On target and hard driving…. Discover Your Soul Template is a book that should be widely read. I have been greatly impressed by Dr Anthony’s academic writing on related subject matters for some years now, and I am no less impressed by this more personal volume. I heartily endorse this book.

Dr. David Loye Author of Darwin in Love and Darwin’s Lost Theory.

Marcus Anthony has taken the theoretical elegance and sophistication of his previous book, "Integrated Intelligence" and written an easy to read and inspiring book on transmodern spirituality. I highly recommend Discover Your Soul Template to anyone looking to read a wonderful story that deepens our understanding of spirituality and the nature of intelligence.

Professor Sohail Inayatullah UNESCO Chair in Futures Studies, Author/Editor of 20 books on futures thinking and strategy.

One frequently has the sense that Marcus Anthony is addressing one directly, and this combination of down-to-earthiness and dry Australian humor is welcome in a field dominated by authors who seem to relish the distance between their own exalted and enlightened conditions and the reader’s benighted ignorance. In a book which is also intended as a wake-up call this is a precious asset – Marcus Anthony has been there; he knows what the struggle is like and the fact that he’s been able to liberate himself shows that we can too.

Simon Buckland Wall Street International

Combining traditional knowledge with deep personal insight Marcus T. Anthony gives us a book of wisdom for the 21st century. In it he guides us step by step on a path of transformation from ego to soul, and from soul to cosmic spirit.

Professor Allan Combs Author of Consciousness Explained Better and The Radiance of Being

In Discover Your Soul Template, Marcus T. Anthony calls you forward to embrace change. What is most exciting is that he shows you precisely how to do this, how to choose a life of Bliss aligned with your spirit, and the greater good of the human species. This book will appeal to those who like to see traditional philosophy, spirituality and progressive science given a human touch. It is highly recommended.

Dr. Ervin Laszlo Author of Science and the Akashic Field; founder of the Club of Budapest and the General Evolution Research Group.
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