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  1. Hello Marcus
    I have read with mounting interest your research and findings.
    Long ago, when I first started to learn PhotoReading, I sort of had this idea that we
    are actually downloading the information from a higher source. The book is only
    an “interface.”

    We have now moved further and are teaching children to read blindfolded, based on
    research done by the late eminent educationist – Dr Makoto Shichida.

    Dr Ervine Lazlo has written the forward to the book : Quantum Speed Reading by Yumko Tobitani, a teacher at the Shichida Academy

    Do visit us at

    Kind regards
    Raymond Fernando

    • Thanks for that, Fernando. I do appreciate it, as one of the things I am exploring in my Great Transition project is how intuitive intelligence can enhance learning. I will follow up those links. BTW, Ervin Laszlo also wrote the foreword to my book Discover Your Soul Template. I have met him a few times.



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