About MindFutures


About MindFutures

My name is Marcus T Anthony, and I’m a futurist. MindFutures is therefore all about the future – especially what I call Deep Futures. These are futures that are not just about science and technology, but about people and their deepest, most profound and spiritual essence. I started the whole idea of MindFutures because I saw that the way the future is often portrayed in the popular media, in government and in organisations is often superficial. In particular, MindFutures explores the way that human experience can be expressed in positive and profound ways, as we continue to speed towards the future.

You can see the major areas of interest that I have from the drop-down (news media) menu at the top of this page. Naturally, as a person who has written over forty academic articles in Futures Studies (many of which you can read on the Futures Articles page), there will be a strong Futures focus. Deep Futures explore the deeply meaningful, profound and spiritual dimensions of life. I also love space and cosmology, so you will see regular links to related stories in the news/media section.

Expect the personal, the humorous, the scientific and academic and the mystical all rolled into one site. I spent twenty years exploring consciousness first hand; but I also took the time to develop my ‘rational’ mind, and gained a PhD in the process. So I am not going to exclude either the so-called left-brainers, nor the right-brainers. Science and first-person insight are perfectly compatible, and each has its legitimate domains of expression. And you, the reader/web surfer should also feel free to share both your personal and intellectual understandings here. Feel free also to mention your own work/blog/interests, as long as you don’t get too carried away with it! I’m sure you know where to draw the line with that kind of thing.



About Marcus T Anthony, PhD

Beginning from the mid-1990s, Dr. Anthony began to explore visionary worlds through contemplation, deep meditation, and emotional healing. He travelled to many parts of the world, seeking the wisdom and guidance of gifted spiritual teachers. While living in New Zealand from 1996-1999, he engaged in an intensive programme of spiritual exploration with a group of committed spiritual seekers. By the time he had left New Zealand for Taiwan, he had developed an ability to perceive and understand human consciousness at an extraordinarily deep level. This included the capacity to sense the thoughts and emotional energies of others, and to communicate with spiritual realms. Subsequently, he set about formally studying the frontiers of human intelligence, enrolling in a doctoral programme at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. During his doctoral candidature, he applied his natural intuitive gifts to develop a unique method of study, Integrated Inquiry. Integrated inquiry combines traditional research tools with intuitive ways of knowing to locate, analyse and communicate knowledge.

In recent years Dr. Anthony has become a prolific writer. Besides Discover Your Soul Template, he has published the academic book Integrated Intelligence, the more layman-friendly Extraordinary Mind, and his semi-autobiographical novel Shadow Light. He has also published scores of academic, magazine, and newspaper articles. He has delivered numerous academic and public talks all around the world.

Dr. Anthony is the Director of MindFutures, a organisation specialising in books and media related to human futures. In particular, the focus is to bring greater balance to discussions, analyses and visions of the future; broadening financial and technologically-dominated discourses with a consideration for deeper philosophical, psychological, and spiritual perspectives.

Dr. Anthony is an elected member of the World Futures Studies Federation, and the Darwin Project Council – a think-tank comprising many leading futurists, academics, philosophers and scientists, including triune brain theorist Paul Maclean, psychologist Mihalyi Czikszentmihalyi, systems theorist Ervin Laszlo, and feminist Rianne Eisler.

Dr. Anthony lived and worked in East Asia for a decade. This included Taiwan, mainland China (Beijing and Sichuan), and eight years in Hong Kong. He is a proficient speaker of Mandarin Chinese, and can amuse Hong Kongers with his essential Cantonese. He now lives in Australia.

Marcus T. Anthony’s Email: mindfutures@gmail.com

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  1. Marcus:

    I really appreciated your well written article about Stuart Wilde. You answered many questions I had about him in recent years. I read his previous books about 15 years ago and he made quite an impression on me at the time. But in recent years, some of his writings were almost incoherent. I was unaware of the drinking problem and his use of ecstasy. It all makes sense now.


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