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    1. dear Anthony
      I read your article in “Journal of Futures Studies”
      “Deep Futures and China’s Environment” is deep article, and this paper is affected me
      To be honest with you, i do not understand this sentence
      “As Inayatullah (2008) argues, a challenge in developing preferred futures is to integrate our disowned selves”
      I would be very grateful if you could guide me in this regard.
      yours sincerely

      • Hi Esfahani,

        Preferred futures are the futures that we would like to have over and above other futures. Disowned selves, means the parts of our minds and hearts that we have forgotten about. For example, in modern techno-centric societies people spend a lot of time looking at screens on computers and mobile phones. But they usually don’t spend much time in meditation or mindfulness. Perhaps they have not paid attention to the hurt parts of themselves from childhood. These parts of the mind are still there, but they are not integrated – that means we remain separated from them, unaware of them. And in turn, if we ignore those parts of ourselves they may control us unconsciously. For example, if you are a man who is still angry at his mother when he grows up into adulthood, he may play out that drama with his wife, projecting anger at her that is really about his unresolved past with his mother.

        My belief is that we all need to do some healing work to create preferred futures, and we need stillness and mindful attention. But these things are being neglected in busy, techno-centric societies.

        I hope that helps.

        BTW, did you read my article as part of a futures course? If so, who is your teacher?


        • hi dear Dr. Antony
          Thanks a lot for your valuable guidance
          i have recently reading cla method and your article is attracted my attention ,
          Kind regards

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