Extraordinary Mind: Integrated Intelligence and the Future

MARCUS’ BOOKS:Extraordinary Mind is clear, engaging, and well written. It is a trip.” From the foreword by futurist Tom Lombardo, PhD.

What if we could see into the past, present and future?

Integrated Intelligence is the natural human ability to connect with a greater universal mind. Futurist and visionary Marcus T. Anthony shows you that this evolutionary breakthrough is here, now! Dr Anthony draws upon decades of research, and his direct experience in activating extraordinary mind in his own life. He has helped many others do the same. The tales detailing his astonishing experiences around the world are truly enlightening. Whether it be chasing UFOs in Australia, journeys out of the body, connections with otherworldly beings, or dreaming the future before it happens, Dr Anthony’s stories will entertain, enthrall and expand your understanding of the cosmos in which you live.

In Extraordinary Mind you will discover:

  • Why the secret of Integrated Intelligence is a crucial part of human futures.
  • Why the power of Integrated Intelligence is widely misunderstood in modern science.
  • What Deep Futures are, and how they can help us survive the crises of the modern world.
  • That your ability to develop an extraordinary mind is not a question of “if”, but “when” – when you make the commitment to do so.
  • The six key abilities of Integrated Intelligence, and how to apply them in your life.

Price: Paperback: $US 17.95, eBook $3.99. Click here

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