Can You Really Handle Conscious Transparency?

Imagine waking up, going online to your favourite news site and finding the following lead story.



Information terror as Net IDs go public!

Global information systems are in chaos today, in the wake of the world’s first case of information terror. Radical libertarian group FreeThink has claimed responsibility for the hacking of the global internet system.

Currently all web sites, personal internet and mobile accounts in all countries are freely accessible to the public by entering a simple universal code. For legal reasons the New York Times cannot disclose the code, but it is now circulating widely on the net.

In related breaking developments, reports are emerging that World President Li Zhongri has gone into hiding.

More details as they emerge.


How would you feel if everything you had ever written, spoken or videoed – or had been recorded by someone else –  suddenly entered the public domain? And I do mean everything, including everything that you had written anonymously under pseudonyms. Julian Assange has famously called for “radical transparency”. But could we really handle it if it was taken to its logical conclusion?

Every link, every site, every text.

The headline above is not real, of course. It is taken from a short story called The God Moment, part of my book of science-fiction stories entitled Insufficient Data. The God Moment is set in the year 2047. The main character, Hugh Anderson, is an IT entrepreneur living in Shanghai. Anderson is a not a particularly attractive man. He is short, fat, balding – and his online secrets are even uglier.

The story is called The God Moment because the hypothetical situation effectively grants everyone God-like powers to peer into the souls of any person they care to enquire about – or get some dirt on. I wrote this story because the situation actually reflects a spiritual reality: that human beings are completely transparent to spirit.

My experience as person with a gift for clairvoyance is that there are spiritual overseers who can also see right into our hearts and souls.

There is nothing we can hide from them.


Many people with a spiritual focus in life will not find this idea too difficult to consider. After all, when we pray, when we ask or receive spiritual guidance, we are working within a “system” which renders us transparent.

I have received a lot of spiritual guidance over the years. Everybody’s journey is unique. In my case I had to deal with a lot of emotional issues relating to being abused and neglected as a child. Much of the guidance I received was about deepening my awareness of these issues and how to heal them.

For example, one problem I experienced was being drained of energy. Often I would wake up exhausted. I realised there was something wrong, but I had no idea what. So I asked for guidance. As part of the guidance I received, a song kept coming into my mind, the lines from a U2 song: “And you give yourself away…” Over time I came to realize that my consciousness field was deeply entangled with other people’s, and that literally I was allowing my energy to be sapped by them. More importantly, I came to understand that this was because there was a very needy part of me that was desperate for love and attention, a legacy of my childhood. So when I did not receive that in my everyday life, my psyche went out and sought it in a metaphysical sense.

Many such issues came into my awareness in this way. There would be an problem which I had no genuine understanding of. I would receive subtle hints as to what the general problem was, and its cause. Then I would have to go away and work on it.

This spiritual discourse made me aware that I was completely and totally naked before spirit. All was transparent. Every secret, every thought, every little habit.

Now here is my next question. What if this powerful clairvoyant capacity was the norm, and everybody could see into everybody else’s soul? What if we could see each other’s light and darkness, see how we give and take power, how we lie and deceive ourselves? Yes, even matters related to our sexual expression, our bodily functions, our anger and judgments.

Would that prospect excite you. Or terrify you?


When I said The God Moment is science fiction and based on my experience with spiritual communication, I forgot to mention one thing. I have played, lived and worked with others with an equivalent, powerful seeing capacity. I saw first-hand that conscious transparency is a capacity that all humans carry to some degree. It is just that we play a game to hide this truth from each other. Our societies, our families, our media and education structures are unconsciously designed to disguise this fact. And it is unconscious.

One problem that conscious transparency brings to the fore is that it magnifies whatever latent trust issues we have. It also exposes our self-deceptions. It makes explicit to others our judgments and opinions about them. And ourselves.

In The God Moment the problem isn’t so much that information becomes freely available. It is that human beings cannot look upon the shadow of others without resorting to judgment and condemnation. We have agendas for power and control, and we use shame as a means for manipulating others.

The truth is that conscious transparency is too much for virtually all humans to bear. I can tell you from first-hand experience that being completely transparent before others pushes every imaginable button. It can be truly terrifying.

The terror stems from the fact that there is always repressed pain and fear which underpins our self-deceptions. When we bring the darkness into light, that pain seeks responsible expression.

Conscious transparency utterly transforms social dynamics; and the level of typical human spiritual maturity is not great at this time in our conscious evolution. Too much of our minds lie in shadow. The process of bringing that darkness into the light of conscious awareness will take a great deal of time for the human collective. It will take a great deal of love and patience.

Conscious transparency therefore requires great courage.

The good news is that any given individual can permit conscious transparency in their relationship with spirit. “God” has no fear of our darkness, self-deceptions and mind games. This is why when people have near-death experiences they often feel completely loved by the light.

There’s a simple spiritual practice which you can employ which enables conscious transparency. I call it “Opening to the Great Light”. I will leave you here with this. You might like to make it a part of your regular meditation sessions, or practice it at the end of the day as you are about to sleep.

Why not become more transparent?

After all, what are you hiding from?


Opening to the Great Light

Divine love exists within and about all of us. What most people don’t realise is that we can allow it to deepen within us if we embrace it during mindful presence or meditation. This is what I call Opening to the Great Light.

You can imagine this divine love as a great ball of brilliant light that sits directly before you. You can call it “God” if you like, but this is not strictly necessary. I like to think of the Great Light as being of indeterminate size.

Divine love is always with us – it is only our judgments of self, others and the world which keep it at a distance.

As you sit in meditative or mindful presence, allow yourself to become aware of any judgments towards yourself, others or the world that you are holding onto. As you perceive or feel these judgments, simply confess them to the Great Light. The process might go something like this.

“I see that I judge myself for getting older. I open that to you God/Great Light.”

“I now see that there is anger towards my mother, which I have been carrying. I open this to you God/Light.”

“I see in this moment that I carry a belief that the world is cruel and that life cannot be trusted. I open this to the Light.”

This opening is not like the kind of confession a Church-goer might admit to the priest behind the curtain. There is no sin here, no shame and no guilt required. These labels and attitudes would represent judgments of the judgments – leading you into an endless chain of self-rejection.

Nor is there any need for penance or self-flagellation. Indeed, if guilt and self-judgment arise during the Opening to the Light exercise, just confess those to the Light also.

This is purely an unfolding exercise. It is as if you are turning yourself inside out, allowing all that is repressed within you to emerge.

There is no requirement to keep the process of spotting judgments go on indefinitely. Return the mind to the simplicity of presence after a short time. The mind might try to turn this into a game, where endless confessions prevent you coming to rest in silent presence. When you find yourself playing this game you should know what to do. Simply open it to the Light, confess it without judgment, and relax into the presence of the Light!

The Opening to the Great Light results in a tremendous lightness of being. You are not trying to get rid of anything or change who you are. You are simply allowing all of your mind to be present before God. God (within you) has no judgment of who you are. Just relax into that beautiful awareness, and joy will emerge.

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