Council of Sages: extract from Marcus T Anthony’s “The Deepening”

The Deepening: The Art of Unconditional Love is futurist and mystic Marcus T. Anthony’s latest book. It is the follow-up to the successful volume Discover Your Soul Template. The central focus of The Deepening is how to find unconditional love within yourself, and then shining that light out into the world. The book relates the author’s personal inner journey of self-discovery and healing. The Deepening states that unconditional love is the ultimate destination of your soul, and of the oversoul of humanity.

This extract comes from one of the later chapters in the book, and discusses the idea of the emergence of Councils of Sages, and how they might help transform our world. The Sages on such councils will consist of those who have discovered the light within themselves, and learned the art of unconditional love. Some of you who read my old blog may recognise the idea of the Council of Sages from a post I wrote about the idea about a year ago.



The Deepening: The Art of Unconditional Love. Council of Sages: by Marcus T. Anthony



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