Crisis, Deep Meaning & the Opportunity for Change

ACADEMIC ARTICLE: The world has been in a state of economic uncertainty since the 2008 financial crisis. Despite efforts by governments worldwide to stabilise the system and return to business as usual, the future remains uncertain. Times of crisis are opportunities to introspect and to question deeply the foundations of society, culture and education. In this paper it is argued that we can no longer found futures and develop educational curricula centred upon immediate economic considerations. This paper begins with an ethnographic perspective, then introduces the concepts of Deep Futures and “money and machines” futures. The discussion centres upon their possible relevance to the current world economic situation. It is argued that the foundations of the current dilemma are, in their essence, psycho-spiritual.

Title: Crisis, Deep Meaning & the Opportunity for Change

Author: Marcus T Anthony

Publication details: December 2011, 16(2): 47 – 64

Journal: Journal of Futures Studies

Paper type: conceptual


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Crisis Deep Meaning & the Opportunity for Change




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