Diary of a 21st C Mystic, #1: Beginnings


* Most of this post was written more than a week ago. Thankfully, I now have time to post it here!


If you walk into any bookstore these days you can find New Age and self-help books telling you how you can achieve your dreams, heal your pain, find peace and find enlightenment. Goodness knows I have a written a few such books myself. Discover Your Soul Template encapsulates the essence of what I have discovered about using spiritual intuition – what I call Integrated Intelligence – to find and live a life aligned with your highest calling.

Perhaps the most popular of all such books in recent times are those about the law of attraction – creating the life you want through inner visioning. The essence of “the law of attraction” is that if you just believe something enough on the inside, the outside world will reflect that reality back to you. Conversely, if you cannot manifest your desires, there must be some kind of negative belief or blockage that is getting in the way. By implication, if you can get rid of the negative belief or blockage, the manifestation of your dream in the real world will be simple and spontaneous.

As I have often written elsewhere, I am not an advocate of the law of attraction, at least not the way that it is commonly depicted in popular books and media. Nor am I against it. However, I do believe that life does, in a general sense, reflect back to you what you believe. Yet I do not believe that we can will reality into existence. What we can do is allow ourselves to joyfully go about living our lives with a positive attitude, taking actions towards goals we feel attracted to. And I do believe that we have an inner guidance system that will aid us in that quest. I call that Integrated Intelligence (INI).

But how much of this kind of stuff actually works? How practicable are such spiritual self-help philosophies? Is it possible to live in this fast-paced modern world as a mystic, a person who takes positive actions and leads an active life in alignment with spiritual intelligence? Can a ‘normal’, fallible, vulnerable person really benefit?

The simplest way to determine this is to put things to the test, in an open an honest way. Such an approach is not the preferred means of working in this type of industry! But I plan to stick my neck out here a little, and do precisely this. For now is the perfect time.  Let me explain why, and then tell you precisely how I’m going to put this ‘test’ into place.


Perfect timing

Some time ago on my old blog, I wrote that I was leaving a comfortable teaching job in Hong Kong. All the work I’d done as futurist, researcher mystic up till that time had been done in conjunction with holding down a safe job as a high school teacher, the last eight years as a NET teacher in Hong Kong. If you get a good school, being a NET is probably the best public teaching job in the world. Towards the end of my time there I had developed the skills and aptitudes to be able to cruise through my job, get treated exceptionally well by my administrators and colleagues and, to top it off, earn a six figure annual income ($US) at a very low tax threshold.

Now I’ve left all that safety and comfort behind. As I previously wrote, a piece of spiritual guidance – a vision I had one night – was a prime motivator in my decision to leave. In case you didn’t rad it, this is what I wrote about it on my old blog.


About two months ago I awoke in the early hours of the morning, in the pitch black of night, and a clear image came into my mind’s eye. It was a map of Australia. The map was dark, but the coastal outline of Australia was clear. On the map there were four bright red dots. One was in far north Queensland, around the location of the city of Cairns. The other three were all situated very close to Melbourne in the far south-east corner of the continent. Then a song began playing in my head. It was part of the song ‘Funky Town’, originally sung in the late 70s by a band called Lips Inc (if I recall correctly). Specifically, the line that played in my head was the following:
“Gotta make a move to a town that’s right for me
Gotta keep me movin’ keep me groovin’ with some energy”

There was no need for me to analyse what I had seen and heard. After years of working with my spiritual intuition (what I call Integrated Intelligence), I have learned to allow certain knowings to settle immediately in my mind without needing to process the information in linear, sequential fashion. It’s actually a clairvoyant process, quite literally. ‘Clairvoyant’ means ‘clear seeing.’

I was being told that it was time for me to move on. Hong Kong was no longer the right town for me. Australia, my home country, was beckoning. The red dots referred to places that were suitable for me to visit or live.


Well, now I have made the jump, purely on faith, and now I am back living in Australia.

After a wonderful month-long holiday in Thailand, I have been taking it easy for a couple of months, living with my brother in Morwell, near Melbourne. To be honest, I haven’t done much in these past few months. Nor has it been an easy time. Everything that I once had had is basically, gone, and I am now in a ‘new’ country, with no job, no fixed income, and almost no connections. I literally only have one long-term friend left here! My Chinese wife Emma cannot join me for a year, as that is how long her visa will take to come through. It is as if all the old parts of me have died. To be honest, it has been scary.

To put it simply, I have nothing left: no job, no family, no home, no regular income. OK, I do have a few thousand in savings, but not that much. Interestingly as I write this in the Morwell shopping mall, there is a country music singer strumming a guitar and singing that old song; “There goes my only possession, there goes my reason for living, there goes my everything”. LOL, as they say!

I also have no genuine idea what I am going to do with my life from this point on. I have no leads. Nothing.

Today, somebody asked me what I am doing now that I am “back”. I said “I don’t know”. I was simply telling the truth.

So I am starting over in a “new” land with nothing.  Nothing tangible, that is. But what I do have is the knowledge and wisdom which has been gleaned from twenty years of time and work in exploring the developing Integrated Intelligence. INI is a natural mental capacity which we all have. It allows us to tap into spiritual wisdom and to align with a power and intelligence greater than our individual minds.

But being washed up on a (now) foreign shore isn’t so bad. In fact it is great! Perfect! What better opportunity will I ever have to put into practice my own spiritual philosophy to create a meaningful life? What better chance to test my Integrated Intelligence?

The death of my old life has created a clean slate.


The project

What I am going to do with this clean slate is to apply the principles of Integrated Intelligence to create a meaningful life here in Australia, to expand my own awareness and understanding, and to make a meaningful contribution to the future of Australia. I will do this by directly applying all the principles outlined in Discover Your Soul Template.

The project I am starting is called “Diary of a 21st Century Mystic”. (D21CM)The project will feature the following:

1)      Regular, numbered blog posts on the project. These will focus upon the way that Integrated Intelligence has featured in whatever I have been doing or pursuing. So I will not only tell you what I am doing or planning, but why I am doing it. This will include any “clairvoyant” dreams, visions and feelings, spiritual guidance that are relevant.

2)      Regular video posts on the project (with the same purpose as the blog posts).

3)      The above will include detailed reports on dreams, visions, precognitions and intuitions as I experience them.

4)      Comments and insights on popular, political and global affairs which I feel are relevant to the Diary, and to my audience.

5)      Related interviews with people I meet or connect with in real life or on the net. Again, the people interviewed will be those whose interests have an overlap with the nature of D21CM. These will probably be done using Google+.

This project will carry on for a period of one year. I will be as open and honest as possible about what is happening. It is my hope that the project will benefit all those attempting to live a meaningful and spiritual life in the modern age. I hope that you, the reader, can learn from my successes and failures during the coming year.

It should be fun. And when it isn’t, I trust it will be deeply meaningful. I hope you can join me on this new adventure.




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