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The great news is that Ken Stewart, the director of Enkindle Wellness Centre in Melbourne (Australia), is kindly allowing me to conduct my workshops and personal sessions at his offices in North Melbourne. As you can see from the photos, it is a spacious venue perfectly suited to the kind of work that is done there. Enkindle is at Level 1, 632 Queensberry St. North Melbourne, and you can find out more via this link: http://www.enkindlecommunity.com.au/ .

Enkindle is Ken’s dream made manifest, a place that brings together like-minded people with the common vision of expressing wellness and living life in its most vital expression. Ken is a practitioner of the fascinating “healing” process called Network Spinal Analysis. Ken is a chiropractor, but now prefers to use this far more gentle and intuitive way of dealing with his clients’ physical and spiritual issues. Ken was kind enough to allow my wife and I to have a session recently, and we were both very impressed. I highly recommend both Ken and Network Spiral Analysis. I only work with people of high awareness and integrity, and Ken expresses exactly this in his life and work.

Feel free to drop in and see Ken. Of course if you ring first he will be able to make sure he is available when you arrive. His mobile number is: 0428 660 038.

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