Entangled Minds and the Future

Written by Marcus T. Anthony on Feb 2011 

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This paper has recently been submitted to Foresight journal.


This paper argues the importance of the concepts of entanglement and the extended mind from the perspective of Deep Futures. Emphasised in particular are the reasons why their importance is yet to be fully appreciated, taking into consideration ideas such as epistemology, consciousness evolution, and ways of knowing. The entanglement of mind is an idea that may potentially shift the western dominant mechanistic paradigm and herald the beginning of a more holistic way of seeing the universe, even as it challenges the established paradigmatic thinking which resists it. Entanglement might also establish either a sound metaphor or mechanism for the existence of the extended mind, including integrated intelligence and extrasensory perception. The legitimating of the intuitive mind might in turn make its employment in science and education more acceptable.

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