Games You Play to Deny Your Brilliance

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A lot of people complain about not having enough money. You probably nod your head in agreement when you hear that fellow at work going on about his financial ills. After all, you can relate to his plight. Perhaps you have done your fair share of such complaining from time to time (After all, no matter how much money we have, just a little more would be nice right?).But what if that whining, cash-strapped chap had handfuls of diamonds stuffed into his trouser pockets even as he was complaining about how impoverished he is? Think about that. Our friend isn’t too bright and doesn’t know that diamonds are worth a fortune (he just likes the way they sparkle, and throws them away as soon as he gets a little bored or distracted). Little does he realise that he is just a short jeweller-trip away from having more of the green stuff than he ever imagined.

If this actually happened you’d probably think he was more than a little cognitively challenged. Perhaps even borderline insane. How could a grown man live and work in modern society without understanding the value of a diamond? After all, it’s all over the media and everyone knows that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Hell, forget the girls. Just gimme some of those things!


“Hey mate,” you say, pointing at your friend’s bulging pockets. “What’s that stuff you got there?”

“It’s nothin’. Just some shiny rocks I picked up at the quarry. They are everywhere down there.”

“Shit no!” You yell frantically, waving your arms around like a signalman at Heathrow. “They’re diamonds. You’re rich! Filthy stinkin’ rich I tell ya!”

Your friend gazes out the window for a moment, lost in some faraway place. “Did you hear the news? The economy is on the skids. The banks are going bottom up. I’ve heard that gold will soon be the only working currency.” His voice trails off, soft, lost, defeated.

“What! Are you f…ing bat-shit crazy? Who needs gold when you have diamonds?”

“Thanks for your concern,” returns your friend, now fidgeting with his mobile phone, looking bored and dissatisfied. “Look at those stocks plummeting. It’s the end of everything.”

“You’ve got to listen to me, bro…”

But your friend is not listening. “Yep, I’ve got to finish off some work on the computer. Just too busy these days. Talk to you later.”

“You idiot!” You scream as you wind up and deliver a great slap across your friend’s sickly, vampire-white face. But it’s no use. Your workmate barely flinches, continuing to stare blankly at his mobile for a moment, mumbling something about the bad headlines in the finance pages.

“See you round,” he says meekly without making eye contact. And so off he goes, diamonds rustling in his pants as he shuffles away to log onto FaceBook for another two hours.


Of course such an absurd scenario could never happen. Everyone knows that diamonds will net you bucket-loads of moola. A person would have to be seriously cognitively impaired not to understand that. Right?

So you are never going to meet anyone like that. Not ever. You are more likely to catch a hip-hop star wearing short-shorts and ugg boots while attending a Justin Beiber concert.

Yet there is an absurdity of equal proportions that is pervasive in the modern world. It’s just that it is even more ridiculous. Yes, there is the equivalent of people walking around today with their pockets stuffed full of diamonds complaining about their personal finances. Only the riches they fail to see are far more valuable than any lottery prize you could ever win.

It is not bag loads of cash that lie everywhere undetected. It is God-given divine love, the most precious and beautiful thing in existence.

You are “rich” beyond measure. You just don’t know it yet.


Your innate brilliance

You are a magnificent human being who is completely worthy of unconditional love. Divine love. The essence of your being is pristine, innocent, brilliant.

Powerful beyond measure. But this is not power as we modern humans commonly think of the word. This is not about control over the world and its people such that our immediate gratifications are met. It is nothing less than the power to radiate the brilliance of your being, a power so great that no force can stop it.

You came from perfect love, and that is the state to which you will eventually return. There is nothing you have ever done or could possible ever do that could ever change this.


You have just temporarily forgotten who you are.

But how did you forget?

The answer is as obvious as the love that I refer to, and just as easily missed.

There is a profound truth that is the very essence of simplicity: we shut out the light of love through judgment: judgment of others, of the world, and especially of ourselves. For self-judgment is self-rejection. It is neither God nor the devil that dims our brilliance. It is not even your parents, teachers or friends; nor could any government conspiracy possibly pull it off. At the deepest level all these are powerless till we give our power away to them.

No. You do it to yourself. You do so unconsciously, because that is what you have been conditioned to do by society, family and friends.

Of particular importance here is the endless rejection and suppression of your emotions.

And if you are just foolish enough to go on a spiritual journey, you probably judge yourself for judging yourself (and others). All we spiritual folk know that judgment is bad, so we have to slap it out of ourselves. Out, damned spot!

Too bad that judging judgment is itself a judgment. How do you get rid of that?

That is part of what I call “the spiritual trap”. That is, trying to become more spiritual by pretending that you are not really human anymore. The error is in rejecting your humanness, and believing that you have to become something super-human. In fact The Deepening is all about relaxing into the truth of all that you are, and allowing yourself to fall in love with yourself.

Having a mind is like carrying a big stick around all day and using it to beat everything and everybody you encounter, including yourself. So what hope is there, when the very nature of mind is judgmental? And we all have a mind, right? The good news is that there is hope, and that is the entire purpose of The Deepening books. Yet that hope is not in trying to get rid of your mind, as some spiritual philosophies insist is possible. Your purpose is to develop a more loving and disciplined relationship with your thoughts.

Trying to get rid of your mind is like trying to get rid of your shadow. You are just going to drive yourself to the brink of infirmity even trying. I don’t want to see you wandering down the street one day with a great grin on your, bestowing your grandiose beneficence upon the ignorant common folk while carrying a giant spotlight as you attempt to annihilate any trace of your shadow whenever the sun emerges from behind a cloud.

No, we don’t have to try so damn hard. We just have to allow ourselves to be more fully human.


The many guises of judgment

Judgment comes in numerous forms. You will be familiar with all of them, no doubt, being the owner of that little thing called a mind.


·       Frustration

·       Anxiety/worry

·       Doubt (including self-doubt)

·       Blame

·       Guilt (or self-blame)

·       Distrust

·       Expectation (of favourable or unfavourable outcomes)

·       Jealousy and envy

·       Hopelessness

This is an extract from Marcus T Anthony’s ebook Games You Play to Deny Yourself Divine Love. If you would like to receive a free review copy of this ebook, simply email Marcus,

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