How to Channel a PhD

MARCUS T ANTHONY’S BOOKS: This 24 000 word booklet tells you everything you need to know about how to write your dream dissertation by tapping into your natural intuitive intelligence – and being deeply inspired! The author, Marcus T Anthony shares with you the five intuitive tools he used to complete a PhD dissertation, publish a dozen journal articles and write an academic book all in four years – while working full-time as a teacher and educational administrator!

In “How to Channel a PhD” you will learn:
* How to write a thesis on a topic you are genuinely passionate about;
* How to write 100 000 words in the first year of your enrolment (just as the author did);
* How to develop your sixth sense;
* How to trust your gut feelings when choosing your research topic, locating information, and gaining insight into your subject matter;
* How to turn intuitive insights into key points in your thesis;
* The six common pitfalls of creative and intuitive researchers, and how to turn these into strengths.
If you have always wanted to embark upon the adventure of a higher degree but didn’t believe it could be a passionate and enjoyable experience, this is the booklet that will show you just how possible that is!

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