My heart of darkness: Excellent podcast

This is a great podcast from the London Real guys. I discovered these guys not too long ago, and they do some great stuff. This podcast is almost two hours long, but was so fascinating I listened to the whole thing! Nic Gabriel recounts a ‘trip’ he took to South America to an Ayahuasca retreat. Personally, I have never taken any drugs (OK, I admit to the odd coffee and beer), but it is interesting to see how similar some of Nic’s shamanic experiences are to my own, using natural meditative means. I don’t really push the visionary thing anymore, as my focus nowadays lies in simply being present, but there’s no doubt that it can be a fascinating realm to experience (but not without its drawbacks and dangers, IMHO).

I have explored the shadow of the psyche for twenty years, so I understand much of what Nic experienced during his ‘trip’. It sounds like he downloaded the equivalent of my 20 years of self-work into one weekend! One fascinating incident he recounts involved a fellow who had a bad trip and started writhing on the ground in demonic fashion, chanting “I am God”. Nic felt that he was ‘evil’, possessed. It is worth noting that the fellows statement is the fundamental delusion of the mind/ego (not to be confused with the reality that we are one with God at the deepest level). Polarities are always present to show us what we have not acknowledged and integrated. So if I was Nic i would not run from it, but meditate upon the incident further. My sense is that the incident was a very important part of the group consciousness.


I hope you enjoy the podcast.



PS, The London Real guys have their own YouTube channel, if you are interested.





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