“Should I open my third eye?”: 5 Minute Mystic #6


The following email came to me from Joe, and he is concerned about the implications of the opening of the third eye, the energy centre that is often associated with psychic perception. I have reprinted the email here, and you will see me answer it in the video, below.


Dear Marcus,

I just watched the Eckhart Tolle video at the end of your blog “divine failure”. As soon as it started I felt a pressure/dull tingling in the centre of my face from just above my eyebrows to the bridge of my nose. I paid no attention at first but when I paused the video it stopped and started instantly when I started it again. I have never had that happen before. 

Of course it is my third eye, which has not opened and which I am not that interested in opening as I want to prioritise awakening / perceiving the true mind. I like that this is your focus as well. However your third eye has been active for years. Is it a necessary step? I really don’t think it is, but then this thing happened with the video by one of the current masters of awakening.  

Any guidance appreciated. If one of your books answers this perfectly just tell me and I will get it. Happy to support you sincerely!

BTW third eye continues to apply pressure. It seems to be pulling in presence with it, but the ego is active for sure. I can feel that as well. What is going on??


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2 thoughts on ““Should I open my third eye?”: 5 Minute Mystic #6

  1. Marcus – Thank you most warmly for doing this for me. Your intuition is spot on when you say I am afraid. I had rationalised my reluctance as disinterest, and believed this, but as soon as you mentioned fear I had a memory. I am amazed that I had forgotten this in the context of what is happening.

    In 2006 I read a book on psychic self defence by a compatriot of yours and was immediately assailed by what that teacher called “Negs”. This was off the scale at a fear level and one night included seeing a disembodied eye in a triangle (maybe a cloak) in my bedroom. The usual banishing / clearing techniques worked somewhat, but what really worked in the end was being present. I found that with effort you can make negs go away, but being present makes you invulnerable, the only reliable solution in my view. I was afraid in a dream recently and my dream reaction was to be present and make the fear go away. I was not aware I was dreaming so I took it as very encouraging that my dreamer now has this technique as well.

    I had thought that the self defence book had ironically caused my personal defences to collapse for some reason. I even warned someone else who wanted to read it. However your video makes me realize I was wrong. What happened was that my awareness had suddenly opened. The feeling sensitivity you mention in the video has stayed open but I slammed the third eye shut. It seems to be trying again. This time I am better prepared and will go with it.

    Thank you for the book recommendations. I will read “The Mind Reader” first. It might help me figure out what it is about Australians and switching on folk’s awareness 🙂

    Thanks also for the tip on the ego. It feels correct. As I develop, the ego will still have a role, just not the dominant role it used to have.

    • I’m glad this helped, Joe. You are right about your dream. If you are bringing yourself more present and grounded in a dream, it means the consciousness of it (the “lesson”) is being integrated into your psyche. And let me know what you think of The Mind Reader. I’m going to do a little re-writing of the book soon.


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