The Consciousness Files Podcast has Arrived!

What will the future look like once we expand our conception of consciousness to include the extended mind and integrated intelligence?
What changes can we expect in science, education, business and society as a whole? What practical applications are we likely to see, including high-tech, low-tech and no-tech? Who are the men and women who will drive the ideas and innovation?

This is Planet Schwarzenegger

What if you could become a copy of anybody you love or admire? This Is Planet Schwarzenegger is a science fiction adventure set in the year 2373, when human civilisation has spread across the arm of the galaxy. Genetic manipulation has greatly advanced, allowing people to live out their fantasy lives. Some humans choose to become replicas of their idols. The rich, the famous and historical figures are popular choices. Richard Quaid, an Arnold Schwarzenegger replica, realises his life dream to travel to Planet Schwarzenegger – a theme-world devoted to honouring the great Austrian bodybuilder and actor. However when he gets there he finds finds he has become ensnared in mysterious series of events. Arnold replicas have been disappearing – and Quaid may be the next to be terminated! Quaid must solve the mystery and get to the bottom of the terrible secret of Planet Schwarzenegger – before it’s too late.

Marcus Discussing The Coming Consciousness Revolution on Hong Kong Radio

I did a phone radio interview with a Hong Kong radio station today, covering topics like parapsychology, futures studies, and spiritual experience. I also touched on the TED controversy and my new project, The Coming Consciousness Revolution (formerly The Great Mind Shift). This is mainstream radio, and the host invited me back! It was a lot…

The Future of Consciousness project overview

The Coming Consciousness Revolution refers to the fast-approaching era of science and culture which acknowledges the reality of the extended mind and the spiritual dimensions of human experience. The Coming Consciousness Revolution explores exciting developments & possibilities in a wide array of domains including business, spirituality, philosophy, social media, education & learning, the arts, health & healing biology, physics, consciousness studies, computing etc.