The changing living spaces of the future

How will our living spaces change in the future? According to Amanda Talbot, author of Rethink: The Way You Live, many people are now choosing to change the nature of their homes and the spaces within them. Many are making the choice to live in smaller homes closer to the city CBD and their workplaces. Given this, the whole concept of having rooms with one specific purpose – such as sleeping or relaxing – is also shifting. One increasingly popular choice is Japanese style homes, where sliding walls can be moved about as required during different times of the day. An article by Sue Green in the Sydney Morning Herald explores this idea further.

Personally, having lived in tiny apartments in Hong Kong for eight years, I am pretty much over tiny living spaces. At the very least, I believe that it is vitally important to retain a connection with the earth and nature. Nothing beats a backyard with some lawn, a garden and some trees. Most Australians are extremely fortunate to have these.


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