The Mirror and the Madness

How might we transcend the violence and division of the George Floyd situation?

So, how many of you who are taking an “interest” in the situationt in the US using it as an opportunity to witness your mind? By this I mean, observing the thoughts, feelings and projections that emerge from your mind as you experience whatever you are seeing or experiencing each day?

In my experience, these are the perfect situations to test the capacity for witnessing the mind. I am now more convinced than ever that developing cognitive responsibility must form a key component of any individual’s or group’s capacity to transcend these “tests.” When you can look upon your opponent and see them not as morally, intellectually and culturally inferior, but as a mirror of yourself, then you are free. Free of the drama, free of the hatred and mental turbulence, and free of the suffering. And only then are you truly ready to act (without the desire to destroy).

This is the eternal lesson. It has never changed. And never will.

So how do you actually do that? Well, here is a start. Today, as you move through web spaces and gaze upon images of the chaos and rage in the US, simply take note of whatever triggers you. When you feel that fuse within in you, sit with it. Do not judge it as right or wrong. Do not try to get rid of it. And do not act upon it. Simply sit and witness it. Feel what it feels like to experience that within the body. Ah! There is is. Breathe into it. Allow one minute to experience that. Then you may resume your online activity, or whatever you wish to do next. But if you are triggered again… you must repeat the process. Every time.

I love what Leonard Jacobson once said: there is really only one ego. And that is us. We really aren’t that different once you peel away the surface and enter the psyche. And that is why we are so disturbed when we gaze upon the madness of others. We are seeing our own insanity reflected back to us. And it is infuriating.

What an opportunity that is!

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