The Power is Now Present

Many people agree that we face a crisis in sensemaking. Our information systems are in a state of disarray. Multiple parties are scrambling for control of the discourse, and especially control of the narrative which tells us who the good guys and the bad guys are (In a not-so-dramatic historical shift, it turns out we are the good guys, and they are the bad guys – some things remain the same!). What the outcome of all this is going to be remains uncertain. And even if we can agree on the resolutions, how exactly do we go about making the required changes? Regulate, excommunicate, or simply annihilate? Whatever the solutions, they are going to be problematic. Just like all solutions.

It’s this historical and civilizational impasse that led me to write my latest book, Power and Presence, and I am delighted to announce that it is now available on Kindle and in hard copy format on Amazon. The book’s subtitle hints at my preferred approach to the sensemaking crisis: Reclaiming Your Authentic Self in a Digitized World. I believe that it is in developing a more conscious relationship with ourselves (including the body and mind), the world and technology itself that we can establish a genuine foundation for moving forward. Simply regulating everything and punishing people isn’t going to work, at least not by itself. We have to look deeper than that, right into the soul of humanity, and ask ourselves, “What does it mean to be human in the digital age?” So, as much as anything, this is a meaning crisis, one that long precedes the digital age, and which has been developing for centuries.

You can watch a short book trailer for Power and Presence on my YouTube channel, and the book itself can be found here.

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