The Shift

I simply loved this podcast. This is the promise of the internet when it was first conceived. It is sensemaking at its finest. We have an interviewer, Curt Jaimungal, allowing his guest to speak, sometimes challenging him, but without constant interruption or moral and intellectual superiority. We have two people open to the wonder of both science and spiritual insight.

I particularly love the intellectual humility of Luis Elizondo. He refuses to lecture on that which he does not genuinely know, clearly differentiating those issues on which he is competent to elucidate and those on which he is merely able to offer partiality and opinion. But mostly, I love his use of metaphor and analogy. This is a master class in sense-making, as it could be, and should be.

And by the way, we are entering a shift phase where we humans are being asked to question our place in the cosmos. We futurists talk of emerging uses. But sometimes we get lost in trivialities, waxing and waning in regard to superficial trends of little import, while lacking the courage to challenge the status quo. Lest we be evicted from the discourse.

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