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I seem to be posting or writing about the London Real podcast a lot lately. So why change now? This time they are interviewing Timothy Ferris, variously described as a professional vagabond, the world’s greatest self-promoter, and life hacker. I’m not into the – shall we say – neurological and physiological enhancement that Nic and Brian (and Timothy) are. Nor am I intrinsically against it. What I do like about these guys and many of the people have on the show, is that they think outside the box. You are not going to get politically correct angles and safety first questions from them.

Timothy Ferris is someone you can learn a lot from. I call myself a futurist, and as far as I’m concerned the kinds of things that Timothy Ferris talks and writes about are very important to human futures. He represents a growing community (in the loose sense of the word) of cultural creatives.

As an intuitive, however, there are certain aspects of his “energy” which I feel are projections of the mind (and this is difficult to write without sounding like an arrogant jerk or as if I’m judging Ferris – which I am not). These projections emerge from the alienated mind, or the mind as it exists in a state of separation, coming from a desire for control and power. This is something that would be hypocritical of me to condemn, as it as an aspect of human consciousness evolution at this time that it virtually pervasive, and I am not immune from it myself. The key point is that when the alienated mind is in control of the individual, the mind will tend to refuse to relax into the deeper states of presence where certain kinds of knowledge are accessible. Those with a scientific worldview or heavily left-brained cogntive style are particularly susceptible to this. But nor are mystics or “spiritual” people immune, even those who “think” they are. It’s just part of having a “mind”.



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  1. Ferris is an intriguing character, for sure. On a broad level, I love how outside the box he thinks; on a personal level,I suspect he wold be really hard to lie with!

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