I don’t know who I am anymore: when the limbo state descends

The limbo state, consciously speaking, is the phase when we find that we are moving from one known situation to the next unknown state, from one state of being towards that which follows. When that which is to come remains unseen. The limbo state is a phase of which we face many times in life. When we enter the limbo state, the tendency is to go into fear, or into control mode, attempting to impose certainty on an uncertain dynamic.

The danger in that is twofold. Firstly, we lose the opportunity to experience the expansiveness of who we truly are, by imposing the known and the certain upon something infinite and unknowable (at the level of mind). Secondly, by rushing to impose the known upon the unknown, we delimit the potentiality of what may come, instead imposing the mind’s delimited perspective of who we are upon the world. We end up returning to what we already once were. We tread water, turning in circles of ever-deeper confusion.

The alternative is to let go, to surrender, to allow ourselves to float for an indeterminate period in an ocean of the unknown, the unknowable. To trust that there is something that is to come, even though we may have no conscious idea of what that might be.

The limbo phase may feel like the end. Like death. Like you are lost and that there is no way home. But that is precisely what it is meant to be. In allowing that “not knowing,” that feeling of emptiness, that loss of certainty and control, we allow that which is to follow to arrive in its perfect form and timing. And we get to sense the infinity of self beyond the illusion of who we ”think” we are.

Sometimes we just have to let go and become nothing, before we can become something else.

And sometimes it is not just about you. Families, organisations, nations and civilisations can enter the limbo state. What is to follow may not always be clear. Yet the attitude we take rewards that unknown may determine much of what is to follow.

When you find yourself in the limbo state, say “yes” to being lost. It’s OK. Something is coming. You just don’t know what it is. And that could be a wonderful thing. Maybe being lost is where you are meant to be.

For now.

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