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If there is one thing that really gets hardcore skeptics riled up it is models of consciousness which are founded upon quantum physics. The standard criticism is that there is no concrete evidence that consciousness emerges – or is mediated – at this level. This is a very strange criticism indeed, given that mainstream neuroscience is founded upon the completely unsubstantiated assumption that consciousness emerges at the neuronal level, or at least via modules of neurons. And what exactly is consciousness? If it is nothing other than than the machinations of brain cells, then it should not exist, for clearly the experience of consciousness is not the same thing as the firing of a cell. Given that it is something else, what exactly is that something else? Eliminative materialism says that there is no consciousness. It is an illusion. But then whose illusion is it? How can a non-conscious organism have an illusion? For the very concept of illusion requires consciousness or awareness.

Clearly the issue with quantum consciousness is not that it lacks evidence or theory, as it is no more lacking in that respect than mainstream models. The issue is that it violates tenets of reductive materialism and the mechanistic universe. It typically suggests that consciousness has non-local properties, and correlates well with various eastern and mystical spiritual traditions. Given that the existence of the extended mind is now beyond any reasonable doubt scientifically (nicely summarised by Craig Weiler), and is an experience common to the vast majority of people and cultures throughout history, the fear of the concept is truly irrational.

At the very least, we should encourage scientific exploration of the unknown. Ridiculing frontier science is by definition against the spirit of scientific inquiry. It hurts nobody but the egos of those whose careers and worldviews rest within territory that the new frontier threatens to transcend.

With this in mind, I present to you a nice, short summary of Stuart Hammeroff’s quantum model of consciousness. Hammeroff has worked closely with Roger Penrose on the problem of consciousness. Interestingly, this is a TEDx talk given quite recently – and nobody seems to be suggesting that it be censured, as were the Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake talks.


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2 thoughts on “Video: Stuart Hammeroff and quantum consciousness

  1. Reality is not what we belive it to be, and we forgett that we are creatures of perseption, and that perseption is everything, and reality.

    And what ever brakes that reality, is defined as Unreal, because it is behind weils/perseptional abilitys, its Not there/real.
    And anyone that have had a tripp, instantly knows that this “reaality” is false, whats behind it, its the final frontiers of our abilitys as creatues of perseption.

    But my main point is this, to lett go, is not to hide in a cave/isolation in any kind, thats not a challage, to lern to lett go, of mind and perseptions, then the “reality” slowly becomes more intricate and complex, and this webb emerges.
    The present issue is an old one, knock, knock, what to belive.
    I belive we are in our fundament, far of corse and is stil hucked up on a belife system, that has done its part, and redused everything to oblivion, and stil, there is more.
    This cross road, is about perseptions of reality, as mutch as a new mind sett about our own Mindsett and the utillity of consciousness.

    Its like sects, defending their belifes, the atheits use even wurds like “but I BELIVE in big bang and the evolution” as an opositt to a person of faith. I am so old that this is kindergarden hagle, and that with due respect for the children.
    The fact is that both camps use the same rethoric and descriptions of reality, and never have it ocured that the problem goes even deeper, the “reailty” is more mindboggeling than that, its the core we want, the consciousness. That consciousness is labeed as “god”, with its limitts and descriptions of perseption that I fand, marginalising and narrowminded, and fits more to a fairy tale figure, than what I persive as the core.
    The core is consciousness, manifested in a multitutt of conscious minds/realitys and in this webb of life/reality we all give our perseption/consciousness into it.
    If you want to explore, and blow your won mind away, and then you will encounter things you never belived before and even knew about existed, the perseption is closely realted to abiltiys of mind/consciousness.

    Practise, is everything.


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