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BLOG POST: Finally, here we are at the new MindFutures site! So what’s different, what’s new, and what will remain the same?

The first thing you will notice is that new mind-futures.com contains most of my work and interests in the one location. Previously, my stuff has been scattered all around the net. Many of those old sites will stay up, at least for a while, but eventually they will fade away.

I wanted this site to include a broader range of subject matters than my old blog. So you will see some more serious academic stuff, scientific explorations, spiritual and esoteric discussions related to the mind and consciousness, investigations into the future and much more. Obviously mind-futures.com is a place where I can showcase some of my own work, but I also plan to make it an attractive site for others to come and discover what’s out there on the web and in the media.

The media/news page will be updated regularly. You can see the major areas of interest that I have from the drop-down (news/media) menu at the top of this page. Naturally, as a person who has written over forty academic articles in Futures Studies (many of which you can read on the Futures Articles page), there will be a strong Futures focus; especially what I like to call Deep Futures. Deep Futures are futures that are not just about science and technology, but explore the deeply meaningful, profound and spiritual dimensions of life.  I also love space and cosmology, so you will see regular links to related stories in the news/media section.

Expect the personal, the humorous, the scientific and academic and the mystical all rolled into one site. I spent twenty years exploring consciousness first hand; but I also took the time to develop my rational mind, and gained a PhD in the process. So I am not going to exclude either the so-called left-brainers or the right-brainers. Science and first-person insight are perfectly compatible, and each has its legitimate domains. So if you enjoyed my “intuitive reviews”, “intuitive profiles, insights and tales of personal debauchery across many a far-flung locale, you will still find similar writings here – though not necessarily in exactly the same form. And you, the reader, should also feel free to share both your personal and intellectual understandings here.

Feel free also to mention your own work/blog/interests here, as long as you don’t get too carried away with it! I’m sure you know where to draw the line with that kind of thing.

I promise to keep the blog section layman-friendly, but the odd academic post might appear there from time to time. The themes will be similar to my old blog. I plan to write a blog post at least two-to-three times a week.

One thing you will also note is that I rarely attack other people or philosophies. My own worldview is fairly spiritual and mystical. I realise that  there is a widespread tendency in many of the blogs (related to the themes on MindFutures) to spend energy criticising skeptics or those with a contradictory worldview. It’s my preference not to do that, as this is – at least for me – a waste of energy. I like to tread lightly through life, and that includes in regard to the things I have come to know through direct experience. There are also a lot of things I don’t “know”, but simply believe in. I am not so attached to these ideas that I need to fight those who don’t agree with me. And I am not interested in converting anyone to my worldview (and no, that’s not meant as a criticism of you 😉 .

This doesn’t mean that I won’t write with passion and enthusiasm on the things I feel are important. I most certainly will be doing this!

Needless to say I am still learning how to tweak the software, so forgive me if there are a few glitches here and there. They should become less frequent in time.

Finally, I am always open to feedback and suggestions. This WordPress theme is much more flexible than my old sites, so I can be a lot more creative here. Throw me a suggestion, and I just might be able to do it if I think it’s a good idea.




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