Why does the media reject the spiritual? (2 Minute Mystic # 2)

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Here I answer answer Simon”s question: “To what do you attribute the rigorous rejection of the ‘mystical’ and ‘spiritual’ by so many journalists and opinion-formers?” I went a bit overtime on this one, as the answer is not so simple. There’s a second part to Simon’s question which I will answer in the next entry of The Two Minute Mystic. It is about the recent TED censorship issue, and it provides the final “level” of the problem.

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3 thoughts on “Why does the media reject the spiritual? (2 Minute Mystic # 2)

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  2. Thanks for this Marcus – as you say, there’s a lot of history behind it. It’s interesting, though, to reflect that in the past the ruling classes saw spirituality (well, organised religion) as a means of sustaining their power. Now it almost seems to be the opposite – as if spirituality was a challenge to power structures, which indeed it is.

    I also wonder about the psychological motivation of many journalists – allowing in spirituality and mysticism opens up a not-knowing and a humility which doesn’t sit well with the public stance they usually take up.

    • Good points, Simon. Of course you could write a whole thesis on the subject, and a few minutes here is doing nothing but scratching the surface. There probably is an arrogance that tends to develop in journalists, and after a while they repeat their own opinions so much they become fixated on them. Many media commentators seem totally rigid and opinionated, and like you say, this is not exactly helpful to moving towards a mystical experience of the silent mind in a state of “not knowing”!

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