An Interview with Steve Bowman, Leader-Sage (Diary 21CM #6)

DIARY OF a 21st CENTURY MYSTIC, #6: This is the first of my interviews for D21CM. There will be many more to follow.

Two days ago I met up with Steve Bowman, Director of Conscious Governance ( for lunch at the Green Goose Restaurant, in Malvern, Melbourne. The meeting was set up by Marcus Barber, another futurist friend of mine (Marcus was also at the café). Later, Steve graciously allowed me to informally interview him in his home, which is just a short walk from the café.

Steve Bowman is a deep thinker, who has much in common with my own perspective on life. He works with organisations worldwide to help shift their thinking and sense of possibilities. Steve likes to be provocative, and asks people to “be the question.” He is definitely one of the true leader-sages.

I found Steve to be super upbeat, generous and gracious with his time and wisdom. He got me thinking deeply about my own journey, in this transition phase in my life. I will say a little more about this in a later blog post.

Please enjoy Steve Bowman’s knowledge and wisdom.


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