D21stCM, #5: Watching and Waiting (video)

December 2nd, 2012. “Diary of a 21st Century Mystic” is new project (experiment) I have initiated to test the principles of Integrated Intelligence – spiritual intuition. I am basically beginning with nothing – no home, regular income, and few friends or contacts, after returning to Australia after 15 years overseas. You’ll note I’ve renumbered the Diary entries. I have stopped giving videos and blogs separate numbering, as it was too confusing (even for me!).


I’m on the move! This video was recorded two days ago, the day before I left the little town of Morwell, near Melbourne, Australia (just after I got back from Western Australia). Well, not entirely “moved”. I am now somewhere else looking for a new place to live. I only mention this because I forgot to relate it in the video, and it is a significant point.

In Diary entry #5, I show you around the humble little place where I have been living these past few months. Most importantly, I talk about the importance of waiting, listening and scanning during big transition phases in life. I also reveal which city I have now decided to live in, and how I made that decision.

Thanks too, to the people who have given me some feedback about this project. The D21CM project is quite simple and humble at this point. However the information is not only meant to assist people trying to use Integrated Intelligence in their lives at the time the posts and videos are made. I trust that at a later point when things become clearer in my own journey, I will be able to redirect people back to specific posts and videos to demonstrate specific points using (what will then be) my past experience.

The reason there are no titles or credits in the video is because my Windows Movie Maker is playing up. Hopefully I’ll fix the problem soon.

Go well, wherever you are.


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