Diary of a 21st Century Mystic #10. Timing and Alignment

Finally, here is my latest update for Diary of a 21st Century Mystic. Why the delay? Well, I explain that in the video! I did make one small error in the video. I am not living with four other people, but three. My math needs a little work.

This video outlines two important distinctions about the law of attraction (timing and alignment), and an important distinction about learning to love yourself. An important aspect of this Diary series is putting to the test certain popular ideas about mystical experience, including the law of attraction.

For the record, as I outline in my book Discover Your Soul Template, I do believe that the law of attraction has merit. However I make several important distinctions about it which I feel many popular versions of the idea fail to address. Part of this Diary series is to actually test out the LOA, and I am going to be running some personal experiments in ‘manifestation’ later on. So stick around. Things are going to get interesting!

Blessings, Marcus

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