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I have just watched a good deal of this London Real podcast with Graham Hancock. London Real hosts Brian Rose & Nic Gabriel are two very open-minded, curious and honest fellows, and their podcasts are well worth checking out. They tend to talk about deeply meaningful topics which challenge the status quo. Typically, they pry open the nitty gritty questions about life, the universe and everything. Their guests are soon talking about the kinds of things that they would not dare to in mainstream media. For example, this past week they interviewed bodybuilder and former Mr Olympia Dorian Yates. Now, a champion muscle head is the last guy you would expect to be talking about mystical experience and spiritual dimensions. But Brian and Nic got him to do so.

If you don’t know of him, Graham Hancock is a very successful author of such books as Fingerprints of the Gods, and his latest novel Entangled. Hancock typically, writes about forbidden science, alternative realities, lost civilisations and so on. In this London Real podcast, not surprisingly then,  he talks a lot about drugs, including ayahuasca  – a common topic for the London Real boys (interesting that my computer doesn’t have the  word ‘ayahuasca’ on the spell checker- confirming a point Hancock makes about drugs being effectively forbidden in our society). For me, this podcast is not quite as interesting as the previous podcast with Nic’s adventure in the Amazon, which I posted here, but it is worth watching.

My perception has always been that Hancock offers many useful insights. However I do not feel that he is coming from a position of more ”advanced” spiritual perception, and this interview further suggests this to me. The interview does reveal that he has come to deal with certain aspects of his shadow, which is something that all of us must do if we claim to be on a spiritual or wisdom journey. I also liked that Hancock does not buy too much into conspiracy theories these days.  If you look at the consciousness behind those obsessed with conspiracies, you will find the angry child casting its unresolved rage against the father out into the world. The conspiracy theory world is mostly projection, illusions generated by the mind. If you take the time to be present with the ‘energy’ of the most enlightened teachers, you will note that they do not sit in a position of opposition to anything. All judgment contains an energy of rejection and destruction, and it is impossible to sit in loving presence (or enlightenment, if you like) while we exist in a position of habitual opposition to anything or anyone. Take note of that when working with any spiritual teacher – or teaching. Almost everyone in the world is lost in this state, as you will note by simply reading comments on newspaper and social media websites. Most such postings read like they are written by an enraged infant kicking and screaming, yelling hatred at its parents, even as it is smashing up its toys. That is the truth that sits within the psyche of your typical adult human being today. And it is this ‘ugliness’ that people come to see via ayahuasca, and it is shocking.

Drugs can be a catalyst for seeing through the collective delusions of society, and through one’s self-delusions (including seeing into the shadow). But I advise against making them the basis of the spiritual journey, as they will not teach you how to develop the right relationship with the mind/ego. As soon as one comes down from the high, after the ecstasy of the visionary state and its profound insights have vanished, one is still left in ‘the mind’ and its habit of judgment, rejection, control – separation. There are also addiction issues with drugs. The elevated state is sought as a means of escaping separation.

Many drugs – especially marijuana – are a magnet for dark energy, as they tend to cause people to lose connection with their own pain. The wounded child then becomes lost in the haze, and in turn a channel through which dark energy can ‘possess’ us. The drug habit can push our pain and ego delusions further into the shadow, into unconsciousness. This is exactly what happened to Graham Hancock. Fortunately he came to realise this, as he states in the video.

I have never used drugs. Still, I can see why people who don’t have much visionary experience would be attracted to them. In essence, drug users are seeing and experiencing the kinds of things I’ve seen and experienced since I had my spiritual awakening twenty years ago; only in my case via meditative discipline. I am also blessed in that I have worked with spiritual teachers who were very strict with acknowledging the shadow, and that’s not something a lot of New Age/spiritual paths are brave enough to explore (I present these ‘natural’ spiritual insight tools in my book Discover Your Soul Template).







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