Eddie Obeng on London Real

Here’s another great podcast by the London Real team, (headed by Brian Rose), talking with Eddie Obeng. Eddie Obeng describes himself as an educator. He argues that organisations – including corporate and educational – teach outmoded views and processes, which are already obsolete by the time the individual puts them into place (say, 2 years down the line). He suggests that we not only have to teach people how to learn, but how to be smart enough to see things (problems, opportunities, ideas) that they may not realise exist. He also touches upon work/life balance, the idea of virtual workplaces, and the influence of China/India.

Obeng makes a lot of sense. But is it a deeply critical future he is talking about? I’ll let you decide.

Best of all, Eddie smiles and laughs a lot! Now there’s a desirable future!

Eddie’s website is http://worldaftermidnight.com/

Enjoy – and if you don’t, why bother? 🙂



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