Disappointment & the Mystic, Diary of a 21C Mystic #12.

If you could end all disappointment in two easy steps, would you? There’s a very simple way to do just that… but there’s a price to pay! That price would be… to feel your disappointment as fully and deeply as necessary.

This is the focus of the latest installment of Diary of a 2st Century Mystic. This seemed to be a rather appropriate topic to discuss, given that I experienced two significant “rejections” this week.

I have to mention that these videos only show me in the state after I have experienced some of these unpleasant mental states – like disappointment, or fear of abandonment (which I talked about in D21CM #11). It does create a kind of misrepresentation of my life, as I really do experience all these things, and often quite strongly (honest!). It’s just that they tend to pass quickly and I refuse to believe in the story of suffering they try to sell me – even as I use the kinds of methods I talk about. Maybe one day I will really scare you and video myself “channeling” some of these emotional states. But is the world ready for it? (I ask myself). 🙂

Keep smiling (or raging and crying, if that is what passes through you). But remember, don’t take take it all too seriously!





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