Entangled Minds: The idea that will change everything?


Title: Entangled Minds: The idea that will change everything?

Author: Marcus T Anthony, Director MindFutures

Publication details: MindFutures, Australia, 21012

This fully-cited and easy to read 8000 word article identifies the illogical and inconsistent thinking in some ‘cutting edge’ thinking about the future, especially in relation to discussions about intuitive insight, consciousness beyond the brain and entanglement in physics. It is argued that ‘psi’ phenomena need to be taken seriously. The article draws upon Deep Futures, which is a domain of Futures Studies which seeks to create more meaningful futures. There is an in-depth analysis of the John Brockman edited book “This Will Change Everything”. The argument will both provoke and delight skeptics and psi proponents alike.

To download the article, click on the following link. It is available in Kindle format on Amazon.com for US$0.99 (ninety-nine cents). Amazon may add $2.00 surcharge in some regions.


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