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Amazon.com now sells more ebooks than hard covers. You might know that already. But did you know that you can also publish your articles on Kindle? This can be a very good way to get your ideas to a broader audience. I decided to go this route for an academic paper I wrote recently: Entangled Minds: the idea that will change everything?. It’s already sold a few copies, at 99 cents (although Amazon adds $2 in some regions). It is now in the ‘best-seller’ list for its categories, but I know from previous ebooks this doesn’t necessarily mean it has sold anything more than a few copies. It is actually very easy to publish on Amazon. But once you have done so, you will need to use the web social media to promote it.

The key is to write something interesting and readable. I like to personalise my academic papers, and some journal referees don’t like that (that’s basically why two journals wouldn’t publish Entangled Minds without my changing its essential nature – so I declined). Depending on copyright issues, you could also publish parts of articles, or just modify them for a popular audience.

Finally, here’s a great little ebook which will tell you all you need to know to get start: How to publish and sell your article on the kindle, by Kate Harper.

Another great resource is Jason Matthews’ How to Make, Market and sell Your ebook – all for Free, by Jason Matthews. Jason also has a very useful FaceBook page, with regular updates on how to write and publish ebooks, which is equally relevant for article writers.

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