Are you ready to be a conscious leader?

INSIGHTS: We are at a turning point. The world must make the transition to a deeper level of consciousness. We need conscious leaders who understand what that deeper consciousness is, and how to allow it. They need to access it not for personal gain, nor to elevate their sense of specialness, but to serve humanity. Yet the truth is that most of our current leaders do not have an understanding of this requirement, and are ensnared in the illusions of mind. This means that we must start with a bottom-up approach, teaching the young, the common people, and those leaders at (mostly) ‘lower’ levels of the system how to be conscious. These people will be the leaders of tomorrow. Some of them will be great leaders.

What about you? Are you willing to assume the responsibility to be part of this? As a leader? Are you willing to step beyond everything you know and believe to embrace Integrated Intelligence? This does not mean that you need to develop “psychic” abilities” or become Christ-like or Buddha-like. In fact you don’t need to become anything more than authentically human. It just means that you need to return to a default position of surrendered and relaxed presence, and act upon the immediate knowings that come to you. In this space you cannot rely on beliefs or past knowledge or empirical data (although you don’t necessarily need to discard these things). You just need to trust your genuine intuition. It is a shift that requires great courage. Are you now willing to take the next step?




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2 thoughts on “Are you ready to be a conscious leader?

  1. Very well said Marcus..I totally agree with you. I am doing what I can to spread a similar message through social media. Martha Beck in her book Finding Your Way in a Wild New World has the same message. She talks about the new Wayfinders in the same way. It’s all about being yourself and recognizing you are on a path to support the shift in some way. Best with all your endeavours. Art

    • Great to hear from you, Art, and I see from your website that you are very active in this area. Thanks for the tip about the book. I’ll check it out.



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