Love and the Critic: Diary of a 21st C Mystic #11

It’s been a while (again!). I shot this Diary entry with my mobile phone while walking along in the lovely Yellow Gum Reserve, about a ten minute drive from where I live in Greensborough, Melbourne. In this entry I talk about how consciousness fields become entangled, unconditional love, the loneliness of being a writer, and a new position I am taking up in the academic world. And a few other things, too.

There’s a little bit of wind at the beginning of the video, but it lasts only a minute.

Have a great day, and make sure you are having fun!


PS. If you find the video cuts out part way through, just click on the YouTube icon on the bottom right of the video screen, and you can watch all of it on YouTube itself.



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3 thoughts on “Love and the Critic: Diary of a 21st C Mystic #11”

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Marcus. Your new projects are diversified and, I expect, will keep you from becoming bored! I am interested in your book project on unconditional love and if you are still researching for it, you may find some nuggets in this manuscript, found on the Terra Lux website: Guidelines for Growth, channelled by Waith, an Archangel, through me:

    Regarding your new academic position: I was a full time faculty member at a community college for about 20 years. Since retiring, I teach part time and each Spring semester, I teach the capstone for the Business degree: Problem Solving and Decision Making. I mention this because when I first began teaching, I was very careful about ‘revealing’ that I am a Channel for an Archangel. However, I suspect you have found that it is difficult to keep your metaphysical beliefs from infiltrating your guidance regardless of the audience to whom you are speaking. And, most of the available information about critical thinking is very concrete and, yet, young minds (and old ones also) are seeking a deeper understanding of how to think of new ways to solve old problems.

    Thank you for contributing to the Terra Lux website. You have given added value to the topic of spiritual intelligence! I send you fluffies and white light, Mushiba

    1. Thanks, Mushiba. I’m glad we met. As I mentioned on your blog, I quite like your teaching, from what I have read of it. It seems to be quite compatible with mine. This is not always the case of course, as some teachings I feel are false, in the sense that they diverge from some of the simple truths about spirit. Still, I am not against anyone’s teachings, as all serve spirit in some way.

      With my academic work, I made the decision early on to be quite open about my spiritual perspectives. In fact, I write and research in this area quite a bit. Of course there is a price to pay for that, as universities have largely shunned me as a teacher and researcher. Futures Studies is more open, however, which is why I got my upcoming position.



  2. Marcus, as you know, people are brought together for a reason and not by coincidence. I am pleased to meet you and would certainly enjoy sharing information. I have received your new book and have begun reading it ~ it is most compatible with Waith’s guidance.

    I am sending you lots of white fluffy white light as you begin your upcoming position.

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