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As many of the regular readers of my blog realise, I have spent many years exploring the human psyche through introspection. When I started meditating twenty years ago I was shocked to discover that I was clairvoyant. I had no idea what that even meant at the time, and had spent my entire adult life till that point as an avowed skeptic and empiricist – if you can’t measure it, it ain’t real! But my experiences with my inner world left me no choice but to accept that the human mind is embedded within layers of consciousness which transcend the physical boundaries of the skull. We are spiritual beings.

It was more than another decade before I began to wrote anything about what I perceived on my inner journey. At first it was all rather academic (whcih emerged from my doctoral studies on Integrated Intelligence), but gradually I realised that by sticking to academic protocols I was selling myself short. Why limit myself to what the academic world is comfortable with? So that’s why I wrote my first popular book, Discover Your Soul Template, which was published by Inner Traditions in 2012.

My next full book The Deepening: The Art of Unconditional Love will come out in ebook format in about a month or so. It is a follow-up to Discover Your Soul Template. In the meantime I have released a smaller booklet which is related to The Deepening. It is specifically about the nature of karma, sin and morality on the spiritual journey, and how these have been misrepresented.  It’s called The Truth About Karma. ,  and I am delighted to announce that it is available as of right now as a Kidle book! Below, I have included part of The Truth about Karma. I think you’ll find it interesting, perhaps even illuminating.




The Truth about Karma

After twenty years of exploring the human psyche at intense depths – both my own and others, I have come to accept many aspects of certain spiritual teachings as either true, or true beyond reasonable doubt. Firstly, Heaven and Hell don’t exist, at least not in the way that they are commonly depicted. There are consciousness fields which resonate at different levels of light and dark; or good and evil if you prefer, but that is rather simplistic). They are not rewards, but natural gradations of spirit. Lower density consciousness fields resonate with fear, shame, and are typified by a refusal to accept the truth; higher density consciousness fields resonate with loving acceptance, non-judgment and transparent honesty. Beings of darkness seek power and control and seek to destroy that which will not bend to their will. Entities within higher consciousness fields have surrendered to the will of Grace. They seek no power.

The spiritual traditions have got it more correct than modern science when it comes to the essential nature of consciousness and the meaning of life. I can tell you beyond any shadow of doubt that consciousness is not confined to the mind or body, and that minds interact with each other telepathically. That means that ESP is genuine. Both spiritual guidance and interference from dark spiritual entities are also genuine. And life after death and reincarnation are genuine as far as I have been able to determine.

So what I write here in this chapter follows on from these insights which I have perceived directly through clairvoyant perception. This perception is in part a gift, but also enhanced through thousands of hours of meditative and introspective practice.

Now let me get to the main thing that I wish to discuss in this chapter. I have come to the ultimate conclusion that there is no such thing as karmic debt and no absolute requirement for a soul to repay debts incurred in current or previous incarnations. The ultimate imperative in the evolution of the human Spirit – both for the human collective oversoul and the individual – is the return to oneness from separation. This is effectively saying that the goal of your existence and mine is a return to love.

What stands between your mind and this evolutionary end is your refusal to surrender to the truth of what is here in this moment; a bad habit that locks you into that illusion of separation. And what is it that can transcend all this illusion? The answer is simple. Unconditional love, which is the natural flowering of consciousness when the present moment is fully embraced. When the soul learns to love all parts of itself without conditions, then all latent energies within the soul will emerge into the light. Then the light of the soul is no longer impeded by your mind’s constant rejection – of self and of world. For the self and the world (as we experience it) are effectively the same thing. When you reject yourself, you deny your lovability. When you reject what God has placed before you in this day, in this moment, you reject divine love. You reject God.

All judgment destroys love.

The flower of spirit will bloom when the water of love is poured upon all that you see and experience, both within and without.

But such an awakening process does not typically occur instantly, even when a person instantaneously makes a complete commitment to love. There are latent emotional and karmic energies which exist within the soul. In a certain sense, there is truth to the old saying that “to heal it you have to feel it”. Yet for almost everyone, those latent energies are piled up from many years of suffering, both in this lifetime and previous ones. It would be overwhelming for you to experience all your karma at once. So what happens is that the energies unwind slowly. The image that came to me as I explored my own repressed emotions was that of a giant ball of string slowly being unwound. I had to learn to be patient. So will you.

All this means that as you relax and allow what is within you to emerge, you will almost certainly experience some disconcerting waves of emotional energy rise from your soul. Some of these waves will represent repressed pain from childhood and your current life. And yes, some of these energies will emerge from past lives. The third source will be the energy of your ancestors, which has been passed down from generation to generation and implanted into your mind at birth.

Here is something of utmost importance, and I hope you are paying attention. If the latent karmic energy within you is simply fully permitted expression without resistance and processed in the present moment, there is then no requirement to experience it in physical form. In other words, you do not need to be re-born into a body to get the lesson, as you will have gotten the same consciousness through the awakening process.

Therefore it is not true that you have to pay off karmic debts or sin before you awaken. Awakening essentially requires the embracing of the total truth of who you are in this moment, including all repressed energies from within.

The idea that you need to repay debts in the physical world before awakening is a false teaching.




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