Trumpsters vs Black Lives Matters: Power & Presence in Politics

On September 16, 2017, Trump supporters and Black Lives Matter protesters converged at the National Mall in Washington, DC. As they stood face-to-face, a profound moment unfolded that would transcend the era’s political and social dynamics. In my latest episode of the Power and Presence channel, I recount this remarkable event, and highlight its vital implications for human futures in the digital age. Most importantly, it suggests that we should not wait until our Big Tech overlords give us permission before we choose to develop a more conscious relationship with technology, and begin the transform our virtual landscapes.

Finding the Threads That Bind Us

The date was September 16, 2017. The era: Trump’s America. That was the day that a group of Trump supporters assembled for “the Mother of All Rallies Patriot Unification Gathering” at the National Mall in Washington, DC. As was typical of the times, they were met by counterprotesters from Black Lives Matter, numbering 82 in total, who proceeded to shout at them. The Trump supporters shouted back. One individual onstage told the Trump supporters to ignore the hecklers, crying “They don’t exist!” Some might see something symbolic of the historical era in that statement.