Bleaching the Soul

Our time spent online is increasingly being eaten by forces that care naught for our authentic selves. The web is mostly a world of projection and drama, where hyperbole, fear and catastrophic narratives are pumped into us, such that our consciousness can be fed into their machines. Much of the internet is the imaginal gone wrong. The more we bury ourselves in that, the more lost, angry and alienated we become; because we have unwittingly betrayed our authentic selves. Because we have betrayed our own spirit.

Learning to listen to the heart may take a lifetime. Even longer. Or just a moment.

Should I Move Abroad? A Letter to Expats

Today I am posting something a little different. I recently wrote a long and considered response to a question on Quora, and I have copied and pasted it below. The question is an important one for the increasing numbers of people who are living away from their country of birth, and are having trouble finding their place in the world, quite literally.

Are the Chinese coming to get us?

Is China coming to devour us? An alarming article written by John Garnaut in the Sydney Morning Herald  (“Australia counters Chinese threat) brings to attention the views of Edward Luttwak, described as a “strong an influential adviser to the Pentagon.” Luttwak says that Australia and the US see China as their biggest threat, and regardless…

Arctic ice melt initiates resources grab

This very relevant piece was circulated amongst the World Futures Studies Federation email list. The thawing of the polar regions is creating new economic opportunities as receding ice unveils mineral and energy wealth that has been buried for millennia. It also creates concerns. Are we going to rape and exploit these pristine regions of the…

Towards a Futures Discourse in Mainland China

ACADEMIC ARTICLES: There are currently no well-established Futures practitioners working full-time in the People’s Republic of China, although certain futurists visit China regularly. This paper addresses the conditions, including political, social and economic, which futurists looking to set up in China are likely to face. It is argued that the time is now right for…