The Mind Reader: The latest novel by Marcus T Anthony


What if you could see into the unknown country within men, to the dark places that even they dare not ventureā€¦?

Greg Marks is an extraordinary young man. After having several incredible paranormal experiences, the formerly average university student finds that his mind can access an undreamed of intelligence: the light. Yet Greg struggles to understand his newfound abilities. He joins a mysterious group which teaches him how to harness his intuitive abilities – to read minds and receive communication from mysterious spiritual realms. But just when it seems that he has scaled undreamed of heights, he is confronted by dark forces that threaten his very mind and soul. For Greg Marks has become a threat to those who would prefer his knowledge not be revealed to the world.

The Mind Reader is the exciting semi-autobiographical novel by futurist and mystic Marcus T Anthony, detailing many astounding events that really happened to him.

Review by: Doug on Aug. 05, 2012 :
If you are a seeker on the Path, seek no further, at least for the moment. Maybe you’ve come here for a reason. Marcus Anthony’s newest work, Shadow Light is required reading. There are many books out there that will point you in the right direction, but few accomplish what Anthony has done here. In addition to being an edge-of-your-seat spiritual semi-autobiography (no small feat in itself), Anthony alerts the reader to dangers along the Path that he (or Greg Marks) was fated to encounter but that we, if we listen carefully to his message, can hopefully avoid. Shadow Light is such an engaging read that at the end I couldn’t quite believe that I’d sailed through 500 pages in three days in my spare time. From Marks’ struggles with closed minded university professors, to searching for love in some very wrong places, to barely escaping losing himself completely to a New Age group with some scary power issues of its own, Anthony’s novel is a welcome addition to the ranks both of paranormal thrillers and cautionary spiritual classics. Namaste, and Happy Reading!

The Mind Reader, MindFutures. $2.99. Click here to buy. ( adds $2 to the price in some regions)

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