The Peace in the Eye of the Storm: D21CM#8

My last blog post raised a few questions from people, and in particular Katie on my FaceBook theme page (The Power of Integrated Intelligence) posed one question which deserves a clearer answer than I provided last time. In my last blog entry for Diary of 21st Century Mystic, I wrote that there is currently some instability in the human collective consciousness field. Many people, it seems, are sensing it. I also connected this to the Mayan prophecies of shifting world events, sometimes interpreted as ‘the end of the world’. The world is not going to end, we are just going through a bit of a shift.

On that last blog, I wrote that it was beyond the scope of the post to write about how to deal with the disturbances in individual and collective energies. So in this short post I will offer some more specific information on that theme.

The truth is that sometimes it is very difficult and complicated to work with such energies, and even people like me (who have spent decades working with them) can find it very challenging. Firstly, it has to be acknowledged that everyone’s life journey is different, and most people will not be called upon to deliberately engage with consciousness fields at this time in human history (i.e. consciously). Even so, people who remain unconscious of what is occurring within their consciousness field are still affected and even controlled by such energies; but by definition the effect remains unconscious.

I was once completely unconscious of psychic energy fields too, so I understand what it means to live like that. I should emphasise that where these consciousness fields remain unconscious in any given individuals, that is perfectly fine in the greater scheme of things. However, a lot of people who are quite sensitive will find themselves disturbed at some level by such energy fields, and it may cause suffering at a certain level.

Still, the truth is that it is simply too problematic for anyone who has not done a lot of work in this area to deal directly with consciousness fields. Most likely, doing so would generate great confusion and create more problems than it would solve.

Given this, the best way to you can allow the current energy shifts to unfold ‘comfortably’ is to spend time each day in meditative or relaxed presence. Allow your emotional body (or the inner child) to gently express itself. The key step is to permit that part of you to speak. It will tend to tell you the things that it believes in, its dominant stories – typically about the world not being safe, that ‘I am going to die’ (a big theme at present in these ‘end times’), that ‘there’s nobody here to protect me’, and so on.

The stories and precise beliefs will vary from person to person. Yet it is perfectly possible to sense the collective consciousness that is being bought forward at this time to be integrated, or ‘healed’.  If I give it a voice, it says something like this.

The world is going to end! We can’t trust is this world or universe. There is no God, no hope, no way! Run! This is the end. I can’t let go. I’ve got to hold on tight. I’ll be destroyed! I’ll vanish and be annihilated forever. The darkness will win, and it will all be over. Humanity is evil. We can’t trust anyone or anything. Destroy them before they destroy us! We are alone in this universe. You can’t stop the end. The devil will win. We will be destroyed and annihilated. Where are you God? Please help us. Save us! There’s nobody here. Nothing. All is futile. (a great wave of sadness washing over the world at all that has been lost – knowledge, wisdom, the lives of good people. A tidal wave washing over us, drowning us. There is no escape.)

Human history is long and violent, and both natural and man-made calamities fill the collective soul of our species. This has created a strong level of distrust in ourselves, the universe and ‘God.’ If you ever take the time to allow the emotional body to open to its full depth, you may find yourself touching upon this huge pain. It is not pleasant to experience. I have felt it more than once. But then again, I am a bit of a sucker for pain.

Having said all this, there is no reason to go looking for these stories, or this pain. If they surface in quiet presence, then allow them to speak. Gently ‘re-parent’ them, tell them that it is safe, and that we are now living here in the real world (not an imagined future or painful past). Bring your attention onto your breath or something in the room where you are. Feel yourself fully in your body. I like to gently and lovingly rub my left arm or leg whenever I am feeling some strong emotional pain, as the left side of the body is connected to the inner child. The rubbing also helps keep me grounded in the body, and in the present.  (I outline these kinds of processes in my book “Discover Your Soul Template.”) They can help shift the energy fields in a gentle and loving way).

It’s hard to say whether the disturbed psychic energy around us at this time is actually because of the accuracy of the Mayan predictions, or because the attention this prediction has been given has disturbed the collective/individual consciousness of humanity. Maybe it’s a bit of both. It really doesn’t matter. In the end ‘the coming of the apocalypse’ is a collective story that humanity holds or ‘believes’ in, so there is an integration of that energy required before we can step forward. And that’s why staying in quiet presence, and gently allowing emotional energy to arise – without judgment, without trying to change it, without believing in it in any way – is the best thing you can do. It will help you detach from that energy and return to being here, now. At peace.

The opposite to all this is to identify with the stories, be fearful and begin to ‘detach’ from the body.

In the end, well, it’s not the end. Just relax and enjoy the ride on the big wave, if you can.



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