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As I mention in more detail in Discover Your Soul Template, as you step forward into unknown territory, life will tend to push your buttons. Your energy will react with some people, and personal dramas will ensue. Self-doubt, fear, anger and blame will surface from time to time.

What a great opportunity to deepen your relationship with your mind!

All that is happening here is that your personal pain and the stories that lie behind it are surfacing from within your psyche. In the instance of my failing to secure a university post, what lay behind it was the experience of rejection and neglect as a child – and in past lives. The story was


“Life is so hard! Everything is so unfair. What about me!? Nobody cares if I live or die! Fuck you, fuck this world!”


It’s an amusing little story, isn’t it? You could write a Hollywood script based on those themes. But it wouldn’t be terribly original, as this same story has been told a million times before. That’s why mystic Leonard Jacobson tells people to shut up (more or less) when they start on with the tale of Poor Little Me. It’s been done to death.

It’s just another game you play to deny yourself divine love.

Whatever the specifics of your story, it is easy enough to identify. When the shit is hitting the fan and you feel like taking a semi-automatic into McDonald’s and setting things right once and for all, just make time in a private place to get in touch with your inner terrorist. You might like to try Deepening Tools 7 and 9, in Appendix 2. Let the ego and the wounded child speak. And as you wail and scream and blame and hate everyone and God itself, you might even find the voices of lives past begin to rise from within. If so, just let them have their way. Then, when they have done doing the victim thing, gently but firmly tell them that what they are “seeing” is not real. It’s just that old story playing over again.

Finally, in the quiet of that private place, bring your attention back to your body, your breath, and to the eternal present, where you can be still. This is where you surrender to God, or Spirit the Universe or whatever you want to call it.


The power of prayer

I personally find prayer to be of the utmost importance as part of the surrender process. Many people use prayer to ask for what they want. While this is not intrinsically wrong, it is not the most powerful form of prayer. In fact prayer can be an act of surrender to a power and Grace that is beyond you and your conscious ability to fully comprehend. Indeed, there are three times that surrendering via prayer is most appropriate.


1)             When you realise that you are powerless. Sometimes there is nothing you can consciously or deliberately do to change the situation. This may include personal behaviours, habits and beliefs. For example, after I have done a personal session to connect with my wounded or karmic child, I then surrender to God. I know I have done everything in my conscious power to see the issue and feel what is within me. The rest is out of my control.

2)             When you do not know whether you have any power or not. Such a situation tends to create confusion, and confusion is not an ideal state to access your intuition or take action. If you are genuinely confused, it is better just to give it over to God. And wait.

3)             When you do not know whether you should attempt to take action to change the situation or not. This may be related to the second point, or it may simply be that you don’t have a clear sense of what to do.


No doubt you are probably thinking that all this is very different from what you will find in many naive Law of Attraction teachings, such as The Secret. In those teachings you often get told that you are the God of your own universe, that you can have it all.

I am telling you that there are many occasions in life that you will not get what you want. I am telling you that there are times when you will try and fail. And there are times when your ego will react with fear and anger – the times when your soul issues and soul pain get triggered.

And there are times when you just don’t know what the hell is going on.

These are the times when surrender and prayer are so very powerful. In the process of complete surrender you release all control of the outcome, including all attempts to control your psyche; and you release all judgment of yourself, the world and others. This is the state in which true love and forgiveness arise spontaneously, like a flower emerging from the earth after the spring rains. Often it is a moment of awe and wonder, as the simple act of surrender may dramatically shift your energy from struggle to relaxed presence.

Paradoxically, this state of powerlessness is where your true power rests. For surrender washes away the last resistance of ego. And you are free; free in the silence of the moment, resting within the nothingness that is everything.

That moment is the base from which you can, when ready, begin to move back out into the world and create preferred futures with your focused intention. And in true alignment with Spirit.

Just remember to take your wounded and karmic children with you, as they tend to play up if they are not given the love and attention they need.


Action and imagination

Regardless of what has occurred in the immediate past – whether you are just emerging from an ego fall, a genuine spiritual test, or a more gentle time of relaxed joyfulness – you can use Creative Imagination to visualise your desired future, and to attract that which you desire.

You will note that there is an essential difference between using visualisation before Gentle Aligned Action and the way many Law of Attraction books and videos recommend mental imagery be used. In many of the latter teachings, you visualise yourself in a specific future regardless of the energy that future contains. I am suggesting that before you go about doing any creative visualisation for specific goals that you should first check to see if that future is aligned with your highest good, and the highest good of the cosmos.

Remember, just because you would like to see yourself placed strategically before the heaving bosom of that aforementioned porn star does not make it an appropriate destiny. That poor lass probably has other plans, anyway.


This is an extract taken from the book A More Attractive Law of Attraction, (http://ow.ly/lwKC9)

by Marcus T Anthony

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