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This is a rather special edition of The Five Minute Mystic. And not just because it is longer than usual!

Recently a man from India (I shall call him Sunil) wrote me an email (you can see it below). In the email Sunil describes his experience of suffering because of a poor sense of self-worth: essentially of feeling unlovable. I feel that his case deserves special consideration, as it reflects many of the issues that we face in our lives, though perhaps on a greater scale than average. I go into some depth about how personal biography (childhood) and the idea of karma and past lives affects us in daily life. It also touches upon the evolution of the human oversoul. I think it contains much that is important for people who are on a spiritual journey.

Here is Sunil’s email, and my response is contained in the two videos, below that.

Finally, thank you Sunil for having the courage to share your story with us.



PS. It isn’t possible to explain some important subjects at length in a video. If you want to know more about why I do not believe in the popular idea of karma, you can read more my ebook The Truth about Karma: And find out more about Life Alignment here.


Dear Mr. Marcus Anthony,

I am really glad to write this email, because currently I am reading your book Discover Your Soul Template. It has provided a lot of insight for me.

 OK I’ll tell my story. I must be honest about myself. I got your book in some site only for free. I am in India, especially South Indians don’t have much money to get direct counselling…

 My problem is that I can’t… talk to people in general, mostly with females and the also same energy with males… I am feeling high pressure in my head and my eyes, I am feeling fear, shame, low self-esteem, doubt and anxiety every time (I) interact with women, but I very much love women and sex.

 I am 33 years old now. For the past 16 years I have been suffering from the same problem. I don’t know how it started in my life, but it hurts me (greatly). Almost all the day I am affected (by) this (great) pain.

 In general, I like to talk to people, particularly women, and also men, but I can’t do that. I don’t have that concentration power, because (the feeling) simply overrides my conscious mind. My face becomes full of tightness and I (cannot look at) people’s faces directly. During the experience I just want to escape from the situation.

 Sometimes I talk with people with confidence, (and during) that time I am normal, but it only lasts for 1 to 2 hours normally… But in my anxiety time, they are not able to interact with me happily, my eyes become like starring too much.

 I want to seriously get rid of this problem. Kindly guide me for this soul problem. I am looking (to) you as my deepest friend and spiritual teacher.

 I am expecting your email of healing power.


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2 thoughts on “Breaking the Chains of Karma: Sunil’s Story (The 5 Minute Mystic)

  1. Thank you Marcus for your detailed knowledge of Stuart Wilde.

    I was fortunate enough to experience one of Stuarts Warrior’s Wisdom seminars in the approx. 1985 in Sydney which finished in the blue mountains where Stuart showed us how to go into a Theta brainwave and walk through fire.

    It was the most enlightening seminar I ever attended with lessons in life never forgotten and was amazingly good value and Stuart said at the time there was nothing more he could teach us.

    In 1988 I bought a million dollar property without finance approval and put Stuart’s cassette tape ‘ a sack of polished emeralds’ which had Stuarts sublimal messages of wealth in it and played it on repeat every night through a little pillow speaker. I was in big trouble as settlement was in 4 weeks.
    A solicitor who acted for a Church organisation who I had a loan with rang me and asked how I was, I told him my situation and he asked why I had not contacted him to ask him to obtain the loan, I replied because they were very slow, he jumped into action and on the day the money was due I attended the settlement and watched the bank cheque for one million dollars change hands, I stood there still stunned that it actually happened. I still have that property today.

    I have bought nearly all of Stuarts books and was noticing a change in him and suspected he was on drugs even though he denied that in his most recent books.

    I loved his wild spirit and cheeky ways and his description of life with his own special phrases like ‘tick tock’ and ‘wanting it tax’ always made me laugh and his special saying that LIFE IS MEANT TO Be EASY JUST A GENTLE PRGRESSION FROM ONE POINT TO ANOTHER MUCH LIKE WALKING THROUGH A FOREST ON A SUNNY DAY is one of my favourites.
    RIP Stuart and thank you, I will always be grateful for your teachings. PAUL

    • Thanks for your heartfelt response, Paul. It is a valuable contribution to the discussion. You no doubt noticed that I discontinued the comments on the Stuart Wilde article. I felt I was starting to repeat myself, and didn’t think much of worth was being added. Some people took it in a way that wasn’t intended, and I just got a little tired of responding to them to tell you the truth. So sorry you had to post your comment here. Namaste, Marcus

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