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What if you spent many years putting everything into a dream, only to find it
How can Chinese traditional concepts of mind and consciousness help us to construct a desirable
Are you - or somebody you know - a drama queen? Or Drama king –
The rational mind and modern science are wonderful gifts that we have been given, and
The essence of awareness and of Wisdom is developing the capacity to be present to
On September 16, 2017, Trump supporters and Black Lives Matter protesters converged at the National


Beginning from the mid-1990s, Dr. Anthony began to explore visionary worlds through contemplation, deep meditation, and emotional healing.

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Entangled Minds and the Future

Written by Marcus T. Anthony on Feb 2011  Click on the PDF icon at right to read the article.   This paper has recently been submitted to Foresight journal.   This paper argues the importance of the concepts of entanglement and the extended mind from the perspective of Deep Futures. Emphasised in

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Integrated Inquiry: Mystical Intuition and Research

ACADEMIC ARTICLE: The purpose of this paper is to initiate a broader dialogue on the use of integrated intelligence (or INI) in formal research. The application of INI in research is referred to as integrated inquiry. The idea of integrated intelligence, and its  applications, can be viewed as genuine cognitive

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Deep Futures: Beyond Money and Machines

Written by Marcus T. Anthony, November 2009  This is a new paper, written for Nanyang University of Technology (Singapore). The purpose is to briefly introduce the concept of Deep Futures and the emerging discipline of Postconventional Futures Studies (PFS). The goal is to outline potential applications and benefits for Foresight and

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